The covers of brochures are the most inviting part of a company brochure. It is designed to be catchy and head-turning to make sure that people who see don’t just ignore them. Make your brochure one that is not easy to miss by using clever designs on its cover.

Bi-Fold Brochures have a bigger size than other brochure folds. That means you have a bigger space to work on for the cover. Use this to your advantage by looking for good quality designs that you can apply to it. These can be downloaded to make all the work easier on your end.

Brochure Cover Template

brochure cover template



Tri Fold Brochure

tri fold brochure1



Corporate Brochure

corporate brochure



Brochure Front Cover

brochure front cover



How Do You Make Covers for Brochures?

The first thing that you would see in professional business brochures is how sleek their covers are. But, did you know that you can have those for yourselves too? Whether you choose to design your brochure templates on your own or choose to use pre-made designs, consider these ideas and tips to perfect the covers of your brochures:

  • Use lesser texts for your covers. Limit what you write and instead, let photos talk about what you have to say. Not all people will be interested in seeing a bunch of texts on the first page that they see.
  • Find colors that are more attractive on the eyes rather than colors that are sore to see. Choose your color scheme to use and find one color from there to use as your background color.
  • The lesser the better. Just like with the texts, illustrations should not also overwhelm the cover. Keep it neat rather than rowdy to make it look professionally done.
  • Pick a font style that will compliment that theme that you have chosen. It can often be a turn off to most readers if they see that your fonts are not as good as how they expect it to be.

Creative Cover Design

creative cover design



Business Brochure Cover Design

business brochure cover design



Die-Cut Brochure Cover Design

die cut brochure cover design



Fashion Brochure

fashion brochure



Marketing Brochure

marketing brochure



Styles for Brochure Covers

There are plenty of styles that you can apply to your brochure covers be it, landscape business brochures, real estate brochures, or spa brochure. These styles are applicable regardless of what field you are in the business sector. Choose which style you want to use and apply your creative ideas in making a good cover. You can choose any of the following styles:

  • Minimal. These are brochures that use a single color, or two the most. It has simple lines and cuts that compliment the background. This can be applied to any kind of brochure, especially those that are meant to be formal and for big businesses.
  • Geometric. Meanwhile, geometric style uses different shapes which may look like broken or stain glasses in its designs. This design can use multiple colors but still look sleek enough to keep the professional look of a brochure. This is good for businesses which need something intricate and bold.
  • Illustrated. From its name, illustrated brochure cover designs are those that use a photo as its background. You will commonly find this in brochures that are for events, vacations, and other brochures that need to highlight places.

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