Advertising brochures are frequently used as a giveaway during symposiums and other business events to promote a product or a business. This is both done by startups and established companies. You can find samples of advertising company brochures to be guided on how you can do your own advertising brochures.

Aside from that, there are templates about marketing agency brochures that you can also search for. Get varied ideas and samples to learn from to create a diverse yet informative brochure to give to clients. Promote what you have to offer to clients with a brochure to refer on.

Tri Fold Advertising Brochures

Creative Agency Tri-Fold Brochure

creative agency tri fold brochure1



First Aid Advertising Bundle

first aid advertising bundle



Business Advertising Brochures

Corporate Business

corporate business



Multipurpose Business Advertising

multipurpose business advertising



Tourism Business

tourism business



Comparison of Brochures and Flyers

There are two common ways that you can promote products and services that can be held and reviewed by readers anytime.

These are through business flyers and brochures. But, what difference does it actually make when you use brochures and flyers?

For starters, brochures have more pages where you can add your details while flyers are only a single-paged material. Because of that, you have a lesser space to fill in for the contents. A billboard advertising brochure gets to very helpful when you want your product to be very noticeable to potential clients.

The upside, however, of flyers is that you get to spend less for its production. You get more flyer sheets to give for a price that is lower than that of the brochures. This is especially true in a catalogue advertising brochures. Each page contains more texts and images which can be charged higher in printing service not to mention the type of paper where you print your brochures on.

On the brighter side, both tangible materials are helpful to advertising yourself to investors, clients, and partners. You get to introduce what you do and what you have, and in return get an impressive remark from the readers of your reading materials.

Catalogue Advertising Brochure

Advertising PSD Template Hotel Catalogue




Digital Advertising Brochures

Free Digital Advertising Brochure

free digital advertising brochure



Digital Advertising Agency Brochure

digital advertising agency brochure


Creating Advertising Brochures from Scratch

Making brochures may be easy when you think about it but in reality, it is actually a technical work to do. Nonetheless, it is not impossible to do. With the proper steps to take, you can get things done in no time.

With that, here are some of the things you can do when you plan on creating brochures from an empty work space:

  • Whether making a digital advertising brochure or a printed advertising brochure, the first thing you need is a layout. How your brochure looks like overall is dependent on the layout you have made. Aside from that, your layout will also be the base of every content that is to be added on your brochure. Make sure that you have created this before you put in anything on your output.
  • Now that you have the layout, you can then think of the theme that is to be applied on your brochures. Do you prefer a minimal advertising brochure or do you like to see geometric patterns on your background? These things will matter because the theme you use will be the deciding factor for the colors and font styles that are to be applied.
  • Summarize your content and sort out what actually needs to be seen on your brochure and which ones can be left out. An advertising brochure that is too wordy won’t be pleasing to see and will most likely be ignored by the readers. Keep it concise so readers can keep on learning new things and eventually continue reading your brochure.
  • Above all, make sure that your work is proofread and have been design-proofed. Have someone take a look at your draft to get a fresh pair of eyes to examine your work. Make corrections to spotted mistakes and errors to avoid any major corrections in the future.

Fashion Advertising Brochure

Multipurpose Fashion Advertising

multipurpose fashion advertising



Hotel Advertising Brochures

Modern Hotel Advertising

modern hotel advertising



Elegant Hotel Brochure

elegant hotel brochure2



Do’s and Don’ts for Advertising Brochures

Knowing what you can and can’t do in your brochures limits your actions but also keeps you in the safe zone. Being aware of the do’s and don’ts will always work for your side because it helps you look of for possible mistakes you might have done on your advertising brochures.

Here is a guide to refer to:


  • Arrange your contents to its proper order. This will make the flow of your outdoor advertising brochure or online advertising brochure smoother and subsequently makes it easier for anyone to read. It also helps people understand any concept you are trying to impose.
  • Make a color scheme your whole brochure. Choose colors that blend well with each other instead of using random colors that you think are good together. Doing so will also make it easier to match your colors with the theme you have chosen to use for your product advertising brochure.


  • Use different fonts for your whole photography advertising brochure. It wouldn’t look pleasing to readers. Only use other font styles when it is necessary. Although, you can set your subheadings and headings to bold or italic to put emphasis to it.
  • Use multiple colors in every paragraph. As much as you want to be creative making a multi-colored content is not advisable.

Job Advertising Brochures

Job Vacancy Advertising Brochure

job vacancy advertising brochure



Job Fair Advertising

job fair advertising



Real Estate Advertising Brochures

Simple Real Estate

simple real estate



Free Real Estate Advertising Brochure

free real estate advertising brochure



Real Estate Brochure

creative real estate advertising



Simple Hacks for a Perfect Advertising Brochure

When making brochures or anything for your business, the most important goal of all is to make it perfect for every reader.

To achieve that, here are some hacks that you can do:

  • Find templates instead of starting from scratch. This not only hastens the whole creation process but it also makes things convenient for you. Cut the time you spend on working out on a layout or making a design. Download samples instead that you can revise for your own.
  • Use high-quality paper for your brochures. This instantly gives a good impression to any reader who will receive your reading material. A glossy magazine-like paper is suggested but is not required.
  • Add photos which are very appealing to those who see it. A single photo alone can convey multiple messages. Connect with readers better with a photo that is very delightful to see. This is important especially to a restaurant advertising brochure or anything food-related.
  • Highlight your most salable product or the best service you can offer. For a real estate advertising brochure, show your amenities and other benefits to have more readers find interest in you.

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