Sports can both be a hobby and a profession for different people. Finding the right players to be a part of a team takes so much recruitment and try out to finally find the right one. With that, you need to prepare your advertising method to target any client.

Having your own sports brochures will help you promote your club or team. Download a brochure template online and customize it with your own complete details. You can then give it away to people or stack it up for your own sports clinic. See the samples available from the collection below.

Sports Fitness Brochure

sports fitness brochure



Sports Club Brochure

sports club brochure



Sports Business Brochure

sports business brochure



Tri-Fold Sports Brochure

tri fold sports brochure



What Should Be Written in a Sports Brochure?

  • About the game. Initially, your brochures should have the history of the sport you are trying to introduce. How did it start? How do you play it? These are the basic things you should explain to the readers to get their attention hooked on the sport itself. You can also start introducing your team after the history of the sport. Explain what your team can do to help you.
  • Achievements by your team. List down successes that you have achieved through time. This will encourage them to take a part of something that they know have been winning through time. It can be a time line of your wins or a casual list for your total wins.
  • Training programs you offer. Most importantly, every sports brochure should have the details of what training program awaits those who actually enlist These includes the schedule of training and if there are other activities that go with the training. Furthermore, include any kits they can avail of during the program.
  • Add contact details. This is where interested applicants can contact you. If you have any social media page, you can include it as well for promotion just like how spa brochures and other business do it.

Sports Activity Bi-Fold Brochure

sports activity bi fold brochure



Sports Camp Brochure

sports camp brochure



Sports Store Bi-Fold Brochure

sports store bi fold brochure



Sports Branding Brochure

sports branding brochure1



Sports Activity Brochure

sports activity brochure



Designs for Sports Brochures

Designing sports brochures is easy to do. There are different templates and samples that you can download and use. The important thing to do is to not forget some important tips when making these designs. Keep these guidelines in mind to make the best sports brochure:

  • Just like health brochures and other brochures, you need to select the most suitable template to use for your brochure. Choose the type of fold you want to use tri-fold brochure, bi-fold brochure, and other fold types appropriate to it.
  • Select good background designs and find a good color scheme to match with the style you have picked for your brochures. A good color scheme will make your brochures eye-catching. In turn, people get more interested in the content you have on your brochure.
  • Use good photos of famous athletes that succeeded in the sport to encourage readers that they too can be like them. In fact, you can use the photos of athletes as your background. Just make sure that the resolution of these photos is good enough to not get distorted before and after printing your brochures.

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