College is a new journey an individual takes to pursue their quest of enhancing their knowledge and skills. Despite a large number of incoming college students, convincing them to study in your school can still be a challenge. Promote your school and help students decide at the same time with a brochure to give away.

College brochures, or sometimes called pamphlets, often come in different designs and styles. Some are Tri-Fold brochures while others are in booklet style. All those are acceptable, nonetheless. You may find samples online to get new innovative ideas that you can apply on your own design.

College Recruiting Brochure

college recruiting brochure


College Fest

college fest



University College

university college



Education College Trifold Brochure

education college trifold brochure



Music College Brochure

music college brochure1



Looking Inside a College Brochure

The contents of your Brochure Template make a big impact on how incoming students and their parents would see your institution. It is important that you make a good impression towards your readers to encourage them to experience college life in your institution as well as persuade them to commit themselves to your caliber education. Be sure to include these details:

  • About your school. The first thing they would mostly want to know is the background of your institution. How long have you been established? How many students do you have? What are the strong points of the school that would give them an advantage as they complete their degree with you? These are the basic questions one would ask while reading.
  • Programs and degrees. They will then look for the programs they can study. Organize the list by department and write a brief description about each to give them little detail on what to expect. You may leave contact details of each department so they can directly get in touch with them should they need to ask specific questions.
  • Extra curricular activities. One more thing that they would want to know is campus life is and other activities in the university. What are the organizations they can join? Are there any varsity teams they can try out for? What else can they do aside from studying?

Academic Education TriFold Brochure

academic education trifold brochure



Elegant College TriFold

elegant college trifold



College Bi Fold

college bi fold



Multipurpose College Trifold & Bifold

multipurpose college trifold bifold



BiFold College Brochure

bifold college brochure



Square TriFold Brochure

square trifold brochure



Building the Layout of College Brochures

A college brochure will mostly have the same elements on them as any other brochure. Although different in layout, the details are more or less the same, be it illustration brochures or other brochures. Analyze these key parts of each layout to make it easier for you to complete your own components:

  • Background. The backgrounds that can be used for college brochures are not limited. In fact, options do not just stop on the colors of the spectrum but even photos are used as well. You may also find textures and patterns on some which are creatively laid out at back of each page or in brochure cover designs which score a perfect look.
  • Photos. Photos are used on college brochures to show to future students an image of what they could be if they choose to enroll in the university. It can either be photos of the school facilities or it can be photos of students happily smiling. Sometimes, it is a combination of both sets.
  • Texts. Lastly, texts are written eloquently with correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation. They are the body of the brochure and should be placed legibly wherever inside the whole brochure.

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