Marketing can be done in various methods. You may do it through television or radio commercials, newspaper or online advertisements, billboards, flyers, posters, and also through Advertising BrochuresThe last three methods are also considered to be the most inexpensive methods, while also reputable as still being effective, even with all the advances in technology.

If you are looking for marketing brochure templates that you can use to provide information about your company or organization, or the products and services that your company is offering, then you are perfectly in the right place. We have a wide range of templates for all our clients, from bi-fold to tri-fold brochures, choose whichever works best for you.

Marketing Brochures Templates

Marketing Brochure Free Download

marketing brochure template free download



Multipurpose Brochure Template

multipurpose brochure template



Corporate Marketing Brochure in Indesign

marketing brochure template indesign



Digital Marketing Brochures

Digital Marketing Agency Brochure

digital marketing agency brochure



Digital Marketing BiFold Brochure

digital marketing bifold brochure



Digital Marketing Advertising Brochure

digital marketing agency brochure1



Digital Content Marketing Brochure

digital content marketing brochure



What are Marketing Brochures?

A brochure is a piece of folded paper that contains information to promote an organization, a company, their products or services offered, as well as the benefits of availing to their products or services. A brochure may be folded once in the middle, which is referred to as a bi-fold brochure, or it could also be folded twice and have three equal divisions, which is called a tri-fold brochure.

Marketing brochures focus more into describing and promoting products or services to be marketed. These are used by companies to help in the selling and distribution of products and services by persuading and convincing people to buy or avail the products listed on the brochure. To further encourage people, brochures also contain personal testimonials or feedback from past clients who have had satisfactory experience with the products or services being marketed.

As mentioned earlier, there are bi-fold and tri-fold brochures, and there are even multi-page bi-fold brochures which are also called booklets or catalogs. Bi-fold brochures are the most commonly used type of brochure which only requires you to write a sufficient amount of information about your product.

Tri-fold brochures are used not to write more information about your product, but to cover more areas in promoting your product, thus, indirectly providing more information than the usual bi-fold. And for booklet brochures, these are used when there is a lot of information to be tackled about the product.

Mortgage Marketing Brochure

Free Mortgage Marketing Brochure

free mortgage marketing brochure



Property Marketing Brochures

Property Management Marketing Brochure Sample

property management marketing brochure



Commercial Property Brochure

commercial property marketing brochure



Business Marketing Brochures

Corporate Business Brochure

corporate business marketing brochure



Business Marketing TriFold Brochure

business marketing trifold brochure



Business Marketing BiFold Brochure

business marketing bifold brochure



Corporate Marketing Bifold Brochure

corporate marketing bifold brochure



How are Marketing Brochures Produced?

The process of making marketing brochures can be done conveniently at public libraries nowadays, though there are also companies that are contracted to have their brochures printed exclusively at certain professional printing companies.

But for small businesses, they can either have their brochure designs printed at the public library as mentioned earlier, or they can also have it printed at home, given that their printers are capable of printing high resolution copies.

One thing to consider with brochures is that, unlike flyers, marketing brochures make use of thicker and higher quality paper, which is capable of producing vibrant colors when printed on. To provide you with more information about the production of marketing brochures, read the simple steps below:

  • Choose whether you want to go with a bi-fold, tri-fold, or a multi-page brochure.
  • Using a pen and a piece of paper, make a draft of your brochure and decide on what to write for each division of the paper, both on the front and back side.
    • Also, write notes regarding the labels and images that you are going to include on your brochure.
  • Take your draft to the computer and make your brochure there. For the most user-friendly software available, you may use Microsoft Word in making your brochure.
  • Add images on your brochure’s design by downloading images online, or by simply using personal images of the product that you took.
  • Write the necessary details on the brochure, and make sure to maximize the use of each page.
    • If in case you ran out of ideas to write on your brochure, include testimonials and feedback from past customers.
    • You can also write more than just one contact person on the brochure if in case you are unavailable when the client tries to call you for inquiries and clarifications.
  • Have your finalized brochure design printed on high quality paper, and then fold it up.

Sample Marketing Brochure Templates

Brochure for Content Marketing

content marketing brochure sample template



Sample Tri Fold Marketing Brochure

sample tri fold marketing brochure



Mobile Marketing TriFold Brochure Template

mobile marketing trifold brochure template



Square Business Brochure

minimal marketing business brochure template



Photography Marketing Brochures

Photography Marketing TriFold Brochure

photography marketing brochure



Square Photography Brochure

photography brochure



Free Photography Brochure

free photography brochure



Wedding Photography Brochure

wedding photographer portfolio brochure



What is the Significance of Using Marketing Brochures?

Other than being an effective marketing tool used by companies, here are other reasons why brochures are still being used up to this day:

  • Brochures can be easily distributed to the public. You may hand them directly to passersby, or you may place a copy in between pages of a newspaper or a magazine, or you may also place on a car’s windshield.
  • The production of brochures may still cost you, but compares to other marketing methods, it is a lot cheaper but is still very effective.
  • In a compact size, brochures are able to contain a lot of information about the product. You may be able to maximize the use of your marketing brochures by including as much information as it can hold.
  • If the design is done well, then brochures will not only informative, but also attractive and fun to look at and read.
  • Brochures are small enough that you can easily carry a lot of copies when you are out distributing copies, and can also fit in small areas such as windshields, mailboxes, and underneath doors.
  • When choosing to distribute brochures by hand, a direct interaction takes place between the representative of the company and the potential customer.

You may also refer to our collection of Marketing Software for programs and applications that may be useful for your business.

Book Marketing Brochure

Book Agency Brochure

kreatype brochure



Salon Marketing Brochures

Beauty Care Salon Brochure

beauty care salon brochure


Spa and Salon Brochure

spa and salon brochure



Free Salon Brochure

free salon brochure


Effective Tips in Marketing Using Brochures

Now that you have enough idea on what marketing brochures are, why they are important, and how to make them, here are a few more things to consider before you can start making your own marketing brochures:

  • Anticipate what your target audience wants and needs. You should have already known this during the planning phase. Put yourself into their shoes and ask “Why would I want to buy their products?” and “What makes their products better than the ones from competing companies?
  • Don’t just put random images on your brochure just because you feel that it will enhance the quality. Think of the relevance as well. Put images that can also provide supplemental information to the client.
  • Make the information on your marketing brochure easy to read by using simple structured sentences, simple words, and by organizing ideas and features in bullet points.
  • Don’t forget to include a call to action and your contact information to motivate the reader to give you a call after they’re done going through your marketing brochure.

For those in the real estate industry, you might want to check out our collection of Real Estate Brochures.

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