Everybody loves to take a good vacation in a place where relaxation and recreation can actually happen. The first thing that people do is to search for new places to explore through the internet or by looking through brochures. If you are travel agency looking forward to more clients, make your brochure as appealing as it can get.

The best option you have is to look for a Brochure Template and start from there on how you want it to be. Some templates have great designs already that won’t need you to do more effort. Invite people to stay in your holiday rental with awe-striking templates to see.

Travel Holiday Brochure

travel holiday brochure



Holiday TriFold Brochure

holiday tri fold brochure



Travel Holiday Square Brochure

square travel holiday brochure



Travel Agency BiFold Brochure

travel agency bi fold brochure



Designing a Holiday Brochure

When making holiday brochures, you aim to make it aesthetically decent and at the same time, attractive to the clients you are trying to encourage to visit your holiday place or any other vacation spot. Be guided on what to do with the easy steps on the list below:

  • Use appropriate fold and template. There are different types of brochures that you can find all around by searching free brochure download. With that, your options grow bigger. While there are no specific printable brochures for holidays, you still need to consider the number of contents you plan on adding to it. Make sure that your contents do not cut off in between texts, images, or folds.
  • Choose the right color scheme. A good design uses great colors. Pick something that will complement with the other colors present on your brochures. When choosing the font color of the texts, make sure that it contrasts with background so that all the words are still visible to readers.
  • Balance the position of elements. Where you put your images, texts, headings, subheadings, etc. matters in every brochure. Adding too many elements on one side might make it look too tight while putting less will also make it look bare.

Blue Colored Holiday Brochure

blue colored holiday brochure



Creative Travel Holiday

creative travel holiday



Multipurpose Holiday Brochure

multipurpose holiday brochure



Holiday Mini Session

holiday mini session



What Should Be in Your Holiday Brochures?

Organize the contents of your illustration brochures and make sure that you don’t leave out the necessary information that should be seen by the readers. Here is a round up of the important parts of an advertising brochure arranged by their level of importance.

  • The amenities. The most important content clients would want to see are the amenities of the holiday rental. Does it have a spa? How many pools are there? Are there any water-related activities? These details are looked for most of the time when one tries to decide where they want to go.
  • Directions to get there. Finding your holiday rental should be in your brochures too. Future guests would want to find out how they can find you and how long it would take for them to travel going there. A small map to the area is an acceptable guide.
  • The rates. The guests would also want to know how much they would be spending for the duration of their stay. You can list the rooms and their prices for guests to see properly. Promotional deals can also be added to your design to convince more travelers to visit you.

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