Brochures are informative materials given by an individual or a company. They are meant to pass on needed details as a way of advertising a product or as a guide to a certain service. You can find different brochure templates online, and you can use these whenever you need to quickly make one.

There different folds for a brochure. One of which is the tri-fold brochure that is common to tour guide leaflets or as a product pamphlet. You can easily do it on your own or you can download anything from the Internet. Find what you need today and get started with your own brochure.

Blank Tri Fold Brochure Templates

Square Tri Fold Brochure

square tri fold brochure1



Custom Tri Fold Brochure Template

custom tri fold brochure template1



Interior Tri Fold Brochure Template

interior tri fold brochure template1



Tri Fold Brochure with Hexagons

tri fold brochure with hexagons



Tri Fold 3D Mock Up Pack

tri fold 3d mock up pack1




Best Tri Fold Brochure Designs

Business Tri Fold Brochure Template

business trifold brochure template



Photography Tri-fold Brochure

photography tri fold brochure



Tri-fold Brochure Design Template

tri fold brochure design template



Corporate Tri-fold Brochure

corporate tri fold brochure



Printable Photography Trifold Brochure Template

printable photography trifold brochure template



What Industries Can Take Advantage of Tri-Fold Brochures

A brochure can be of help to any business, whether it is a small-scale one or a large corporation. Regardless, there are certain industries that can reap more benefits by using a tri-fold brochure as compared to using the other types. It’s a good idea to identify which industries these are and see if your business is one of them.

Depending on the industry your business belongs to, there are also things that should be present in the design so that they stand out from the myriad of other brochure templates. Know and understand all these key points as you start your DIY tri-fold brochure to make things easier for your part.

  • Health and Medical – With the many services a hospital or any other medical facility has to offer, a bigger spread is ideal so that there’s more space to hold more information. It is not just the services that are written there. Some brochures also include photos of the facilities, a list of departments, and emergency contact numbers in case you want to check into the facility. Aside from that, health treatment facilities that focus on a single procedure alone can also take advantage of this type of brochure. Facilities can explain what they can do better when they have more space to work on. It does not necessarily have to be all that there is to know. Ideally, just the important things, key points, are the only things addressed.
  • Real Estate – Agents and brokers who want to convince people to invest in a house or property also need bigger brochures. This is to make sure that visible illustrations are on the spread to show prospect clients of what they might miss if they let the opportunity pass. Aside from the photos, important details (such as the size of the property, the total price, the terms of payment, and when the new owner can move in) are also noted. These are important to include in the brochure because they are the details your clients would definitely want to know. Your contact number is also valuable since interested buyers would be able to reach out to you to schedule onsite viewing and meetings to discuss the property. This can be given during a symposium, or you can randomly give this out to anyone you encounter.
  • Cafe and Restaurant – Promote the dishes you have with a pamphlet to hand out to bypassers and visiting customers. You don’t need your whole menu to be in the brochure. You can have your most saleable food and the “chef’s recommendation” on one side of the spread while you can add other services on the other side. Then, you can have all your photos at the center. This way, customers will have an idea ahead of what to expect before visiting the restaurant. Also, you can include any promotions and events for your place so they would have something to look forward to when they go there. Aside from that, you can also have a short piece written on what your chef has to say regarding the cafe. If not, you can choose to have highly rated reviews and other testimonials written down. This will help convince people to see your restaurant for themselves.
  • Travel Agency – Aside from the already mentioned industries, travel agencies also need brochures to advertise the packages they have to offer. It has to have the inclusions of the packages. This will help clients choose which one is more suitable for them. Also, you need to state the price and condition for each package they can avail. Aside from that, some brochures already include the itinerary of the trip and until when one can avail themselves of it. Also, for some that have a fly date later than the due date, it is also stated on the brochure to give the client a heads up. This can be left in the office of the agency so visitors can look through it while they are there, or it can be handed out personally during events.

Printable Tri Fold Templates

High Resolution Tri Fold Mockup Design

high resolution tri fold mockup design



Health Fitness Gym Tri Fold Brochure to Print

health gym fitness tri fold brochure to print



Architect Tri Fold Brochure Format in PSD

architect trifold brochure psd format



Service Tri Fold Brochure Templates

Medical Tri-fold Brochure Template

tri fold business medical brochure word file



Smartphone Repair Tri Fold Brochure Template

smartphone repair tri fold brochure



Military Brochure Template

military brochure template



Organic Food Brochure Template

organic food brochure



Massage Tri Fold Brochure Template

massage tri fold brochure template



Important Tips to Remember When Making a Tri-Fold Brochure

There are guidelines that you should consider as you make your own brochure. Whether you are making it from scratch or you are using a brochure template, you still need to make sure that whatever you customize will not affect the overall appearance of your brochure. This is to make sure that the functionality of your brochure is kept intact. Do not compromise the value of your brochure just for the sake of the aesthetics. There are things that you can do to get around the common mistakes of brochure making. With that, here is a short guide to the essential things you should weigh over when making a tri-fold brochure.

  • Pay attention to the layout. Where you put your text is important. Since your magazine has more pages, readers should easily follow the content. Don’t confuse your readers by laying it out in a way that they will not be able to tell which page they should read next or where the continuation of a particular sentence is. This is important to make sure that readers will continue reading instead of just looking through it and totally not paying attention to what they are reading. Also, you need to make sure that you put the images and its caption at the right area. A common mistake that often happens is that a caption is written on the wrong image. Plan ahead as to where you want to write what so that you can better organize your content.
  • Use readable fonts. Like any other promotional material, the font to be used plays a big factor in catching a reader’s attention. Use clear fonts instead of sticking with the stylish ones alone. Serif type fonts are more formal, and if that is what you are going for, then you can choose serif type fonts for brochure templates. However, some brochures also use stylish fonts and script fonts to put a little art on the appearance of the brochure. Aside from that, the font color is also important. Select ones that are fit for the background that you have chosen. Also, the size of the font also matters because small texts are not suitable. Although you want to add as much content as you want, remember that everything would just be put to waste if readers are not able to read it due to the size.
  • Allocate enough space in every fold. Like what has been mentioned above, the space in between texts is important. With the layout that you have, see if you have appropriately distributed the content to the whole spread. Balance everything from the illustrations you use to the text you write. Avoid putting a block of text or even just a sentence in between the fold. If possible, use only the space in the spread. The tendency of not putting enough space between the text and the fold, the readability of the content might get affected. Stop this from happening by allocating enough space for the content and the fold. One thing that will help you is by keeping the articles concise. Brief sentences will lessen what you have to add and will let you have more space to adjust the placement of the content.
  • Choose appropriate colors. The color of the brochure can make or break its overall appearance. Using bright and lively colors will bring more life to your brochure template rather than using dull ones. However, tints such as black and white are acceptable as background colors as well because it would make the design look neat. Also, those tints would put emphasis on the text colors you will use especially for contrasting color used against the tint. For best results, you can experiment with different color combinations before you apply the final touch to your tri-fold brochure.

Advertising Tri-fold Brochures

Marketing and Advertising Tri-fold Brochure

marketing and advertising tri fold brochure



Corporate Advertising Tri-fold Brochure

corporate advertising tri fold brochure



Advertising Company Tri-fold Brochure

Sample Multipurpose Advertising Tri-fold Brochure

multipurpose advertising tri fold brochure



Business Advertising Tri-fold Brochure

business advertising tri fold brochure



Education Tri-Fold Brochures

Academic Education Tri-fold Brochure

academic education tri fold brochure



School Education Tri-fold Brochure

school education tri fold brochure



A4 Education Tri-fold Brochure

a4 education tri fold brochure



Business Branding & Education Tri-fold Brochure

business branding education tri fold brochure



Elementary School Education Trifold Brochure

elementary school education trifold brochure



Education Tri-fold & Bi-fold Brochure

education tri fold bi fold brochure



Funeral Tri Fold Brochure Templates

Funeral Program Tri Fold Brochure

funeral invitation trifold brochure template



Funeral Program Tri Fold Brochure Template

funeral program trifold brochure template



Funeral Business Marketing Tri Fold Brochure Template

business marketing tri fold funeral brochure template



Types of Brochures You Ought to Know

Given that every brochure has different purposes for a business, you should know which brochure template is appropriate for yours. Knowing the types of brochures would help you identify which purpose should be your goal even before you start producing one. When you know about these brochures, you can then start researching for available brochure downloads that you can use for what you need. You can get to know these types which are also applicable with a tri-fold brochure with this helpful guide to walk you through. Understand what they are for and get started with your own brochure today.

  • Handout Brochures
    Most of this is given after a meeting or when you do not have a showroom for any prospect client to see. You would need the brochure to showcase the products that you have. By doing so, they would have something to browse as they recall the things you have talked about during the previous meeting. Because of that you would want to have a compelling printable brochure template to persuade the recipients to browse what is inside. It is valuable for them to actually explore the contents because inside it is what you are trying to sell to them. You should include your contact number on the brochure so they can reach you easily. Otherwise, the purpose of the brochure is defeated.
  • Point-of-Purchase Brochures
    These are strategically placed on areas where clients can easily see them. For example, when in a resort, the owner or manager places the leaflets by the lobby—whether at the reception or in the lounge—so clients can see what other packages they have for the taking. This will encourage the clients to explore and avail other services that they would find interesting. It has to be attractive so it can easily catch the attention of whoever sees it. Also, it is placed on checkout counters so clients will also be persuaded to return to the establishment. This will help increase the frequency of customer visits to an establishment.
  • Mailed Brochures
    This is a risky take on your business. Your targets are prospect clients which have not taken interest in your business just yet. Your goal is to persuade them to try what you have to offer based on the brochure that you hand out to them. You would invest in the printed material as well as the mailing service for this. Make sure that you use high-grade paper and a special printing technique for this to make your brochure really appealing, so much so that recipients would want to do nothing but reach out to you. Make the written text of your brochure very convincing with words that will easily make sales. Hire a copywriter to ensure the quality of the content is up to par if you must. This will help you come up with a better content with few to zero grammatical errors.

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