Leather is a sturdy material that is made of raw materials that went through a long process. It does not only make a good material to use for daily items but it also makes a good material for design. Incorporate leather patterns in projects for a unique yet appealing look.

There are free patterns download online that you can use which are in high-quality to make sure that you can apply it wherever you want. These patterns have different types and will look well when used on brochures, covers, and, flyers. See what you can use from our collection below.

Seamless Leather

seamless leather2



Black Leather

black leather2



Decorative Leather Pattern

decorative leather pattern2



Leather Metal

leather metal2



Different Leather Patterns

Every material that you want to make comes with different styles. This is also true of leather materials and designs. Decide on which one you want to use by choosing from the collection below:

Different Leather Patterns

  • Seamless. From its name, these patterns have smooth edges with no obvious joints in the spaces of each individual shapes. You can use this pattern in rustic-themed designs and other nature-inspired artwork. At first glance, it may not seem appealing but when matched with other components of a brochure, this design will surely stand out.
  • Tufted. Do you want an elegant looking design just like those that were from the vintage designs you see? Tufted leather patterns will make a good background for your formal dinner invitation, corporate brochures, and more. It would look even better when the designs are in shades of gold and silver. Luxury and elegance in one view from the brochure you design.
  • Basic. This is the natural pattern of the leather textures. This is mostly in one neutral color. Common colors for basic leather patterns are brown or black. It can match with any occasion and would give a natural look to designs. This is also great to use for retro graphics among other teams.


Tileable Leather Pattern

tileable leather pattern3



Geometric Pattern

geometric pattern2




Printable Leather Pattern

printable leather pattern




Seamless Leather in Photoshop

seamless leather in photoshop



Vintage Leather

vintage leather1



Where to Use Leather Patterns

  • Backgrounds. Leather patterns are applicable to web pages and blogs. They can be set as background designs which look fairly well especially when paired with other rustic-inspired materials. Its neutral color will make a good contrast to the other colors that you will use on your designs. Look for larger resolutions if you want to use it as a background to avoid the patterns to turn into pixelated designs.
  • Posters. Posters use lots of patterns and textures. Leather patterns are not exempted to that. Add them to posters and get more people to respond to your call to action. This design will give a nature-like effect for your paper handouts. Find the right color scheme to pair with your new textures to use. You can also try mixing them with grunge designs.

  • Texts. There are times that you use big letters on designs rather just smaller worlds. Though this big typography will do just find on their own, you still need to put emphasis on it to be easily seen by readers. Add the pattern as a texture and see it pop from the static display behind it.

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