Are you a speed freak? Do you like driving in general? These driving games in our list below will give you the thrill of driving with its unique environments and gameplay and it interests non-drivers as much as their counterparts.

Download these games available in the format of Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android etc.

1. Driving Speed – A High Speed Racing Game

driving speed

Download Driving Speed if you want a driving game with excellent graphics

  • Incredible handling with hypersensitive controls that sways to the mildest of touches
  • 11 opponents to play against and also play over the internet with 8 friends simultaneously
  • Cons: Only 2 circuits

2. Dr. Driving – An Addictive Driving Game


Install Dr. Driving, a driving game for Android based smartphones

  • Player starts with ordinary car, that can be upgraded
  • Realistic gameplay – reach a certain point by avoiding obstacles
  • Customizable controls where you can change the accelerator, brake pedal etc.

3. City Racing – A Drag Racing Game

city racing

Check City Racing if you want a game that allows you to drive any way you want.

  • Choose between different styles of play
  • Easy gameplay with sharp turns, bends and sudden obstacles
  • Realistic metropolis scenes with the help of exceptional graphics

4. ATV Quadro Racing – A 3D Driving Game

atv quadro racing

Download ATV Quadro Racing if you want a driving based on off-road locations

  • Increase your points by collecting as many bonuses as possible
  • Variety of ATV vehicle models available
  • Easy gameplay and number of levels available with an amazing soundtrack

5. Robo Racing – A Driving Game With Action

robo racing

Download Robo Racing, a transformer style racing game with infused fighting sequence

  • Many hours of gameplay so that the experience satisfies the gamer completely
  • 2 super robo cars included with exciting robot fighting
  • Paid game shop where you can upgrade your robots

6. Hill Climb Racing – An Addicitve Driving Game

hill climb racing

Install Hill Climb Racing if you want a physics based driving game on your smartphones

  • Climb different hills with different cars and gain bonuses by doing different tricks
  • Upgradeable parts include: engine, suspension, tires, 4WD etc.
  • Various environments included: countryside, desert, arctic and the moon
  • Looks good on both low and high resolution devices

7. Racing Fever – A Game For Fans Of Arcade Racing

racing fever

Download Racing Fever if you want a multiplayer driving/racing game on your Android based devices

  • High speed racing, against traffic and earn points by doing dangerous stunts
  • Quality 3D graphics with realistic environments and detailed cars that makes the gaming experience pleasing
  • Upgrade your cars with paints, vinyls etc.
  • Slow motion mode included so that you can slow time in sticky situations and get out of the jam

8. Need for Speed

need for speed

9. Burnout Paradise



10. Patch for Driver

patch for driver

These games are available for free download can be played across various platforms. Their graphics and realistic gameplay will keep you hooked for hours. Download these games now!

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