Most men love a good war game, movie, book and the likes. The brutal action and strategy of it all keeps them gripped and intrigued.

Now you no longer just need to watch it on screen, we have a list of 7 must have free war games that are worth having on your smartphone!

1. Great Little War Game

great little war game

This war game is fun, addictive and a must have application for all war game fanatics out there. If you love strategizing this game is ideal for you. The app is available on both android as well as iOS phones.

  • 3D graphics and visuals
  • Variety of missions
  • Amusing antics and sound effects
  • GameCenter, leaderboards and achievements

2. Boom! Tanks

boom tanks

Another addictive, fun and challenging war game that is available on both android as well as iOS phones.

  • Tank on tank action
  • Massive new upgrade
  • Roll out
  • Stockpile and upgrade
  • Paint and customize your own tanks
  • Unlock rewards and challenges

3. Frontline Commando

frontline commando

This immensely challenging and addictive war game is a must have app that is available on both android as well as iOS phones

  • Facebook support
  • Complete deadly mission
  • See and feel the action
  • Command an arsenal of deadly weapons
  • Excellent graphics

4. Frontline Commando 2

frontline commando 2

This 4.5 star-rated game is the perfect war game to have on your phone, especially if you are fan of the prequel release of this game. Available on both android based and iOS based phones.

  • Assemble your elite squad
  • Dominate action packed campaigns
  • Battle for online supremacy
  • Face perilous urban warfare
  • Command advanced weaponry
  • Special prizes for holding top spots on leader boards
  • GameCenter, leaderboards and achievements
  • Improved pvp experience
  • Excellent graphics and visuals

5. Frontline Commando WW 2

frontline commando ww 2

Another edition of the frontline commando series based on an entire world war 2 scenes. Available on both android as well as iOS phones.

  • Engage in historic warfare
  • Powerful weaponry at your command
  • Stellar graphics and impactful environment
  • GameCenter, leaderboards and achievements
  • Excellent graphics

6. Great Big War Game

great big war game

Another development from the makers of the great little war game. This game is fun, addictive and completely based on strategy. It is available on both iOS and android phones.

  • Multiplayer
  • 50 single player missions
  • GameCenter, leaderboards and achievements
  • Simple and intuitive control method
  • Tons of humor

7. Rivals At War

rivals at war

This immensely popular war game is available on both android as well as iOS phones. Insanely addictive and challenging this game is a must have app for all war games fans.

  • Battle across 4 different combat scenariosAssemble your troop
  • Unlock new soldiers with better weapons, guns and skills
  • 45 achievement to unlock more special rewards
  • GameCenter, Leaderboards and achievements
  • Excellent graphics and visuals
  • Customize your teams attire

8. Mountain Commando

mountain commando

9. World of Tanks Blitz

world of tanks blitz

10. Frontline Commando D Day

frontline commando d day

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