As kids, we have all loved horses for the divine, mystical creatures they are. Some of us even wanted to become horse riders, but unfortunately most of us couldn’t make this dream come true.

Don’t fret! We have a list of the 7 most amazing horse games for your smartphones, that you can download and play and have the ultimate virtual experience of a horse ride!

1. Horse Haven World Adventures

This fun and challenging simulation game is a must have application for all horse game fans. Available on both iOS and android-based phones, this game is suitable for all ages

  • Create and manage a dream horse farm
  • Raise the best horses
  • Breed dozens of horses
  • Customize your horse with stylish features
  • Run steeplechase around the world
  • Challenge your friends

2. Unicorn Rush

unicorn rush

This simple but insanely addictive game is another hot favourite of horse lovers around the world. Available on both android as well as iOS phones this game is a must have app!

  • Vibrant and colorful graphics
  • Play endless mode
  • Shoot magic fireballs to shatter crystals and rocks
  • Complete quests to increase your score multiplier
  • Unlock new unicorn characters
  • Unlock awesome music tracks or listen to your own iPod music!

3. My Horse

top developer

With a 4.5 star- rating this game is fun and a must download application. This is the ultimate horse owning experience app. Available on both iOS as well as android phones.

  • Horse care
  • Competitions
  • Awesome in game camera
  • Social game play
  • Phenomenal graphics and visuals

4. Cartoon Horse Riding

This adorable yet fun and addictive game is suitable for all ages. Available on both iOS and android phones this game is a must have app for all horse riding fans.

  • Easy to use controls
  • Endless runner game
  • Power ups
  • Coin collection enables you to unlock new elements in the game
  • Missions to complete
  • Leaderboards
  • Daily rewards
  • Fun and vibrant graphics

5. Race Horses Champions 2

race horses champions 2

Fun and challenging this game is available for both android as well as iOS phones. A must have app for true horse riding fans

  • Phenomenal 3D graphics and visuals
  • Multiplayer
  • Intuitive controls
  • Clean interface
  • Training track
  • GameCenter, leaderboards and achievements

6. Champions Riding Trails 3D

champions riding trails 3d

Yet another must have and addictive horse riding game. Available on both iOS and android- based phones.

  • Multiplayer horse racing game
  • Fast horses and beautiful graphics
  • GameCenter, Leaderboards and achievements
  • Simple controls
  • Beautiful horses
  • Great background music

7. Run Horse Run

This challenging, addictive and fun game is available for android phones only.

  • Great 3D visuals
  • GameCenter, leaderboards and achievements
  • Boosters
  • Easy and Smooth controls
  • Multiple camera angles
  • Good sound effects
  • Custom animation
  • HD graphics

Thus, you can still conquer your dreams of being that professional horse racer in this fun and crazy virtual world!

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