With the changing time, the demand of games on digital platform has increased. Playing golf on iPhone is a piece of cake now. Let’s see how:

1. Flick golf extreme

flick golf extreme

This is the ultimate golf game for iPhone users if they want to experience the fanatical moment’s one experience while playing golf in real life. This game is presented by ful fat and easily available in iOS and other android platforms.

Unlike other golf games, players won’t have to complete entire course to start a new session. This game is merely focused on renewing one shot.
Main features:

  • This game is presented by ful fat
  • It is one shot oriented
  • Have inbuilt tricky moments to hoodwink the players

2. Super Stickman Golf 2

super stickman golf 2

At times we all want to play mobile games just for relaxation purpose. Too much of graphical details becomes a bit mind tickling then. This game allows you to play golf in a very light manner with not so realistic effects. It is available for iOS as well as for android users.

Main features:

  • This cute game is presented by noodle cake studios
  • Far away from realistic graphics to enhance a light mood
  • Can be played simultaneously by multiplayer

3. Let’s golf 3

lets golf 3

It is possible one of the decent golf game for iOS and other android platforms. Though let’s golf series aren’t very much opted nowadays but the decent graphics makes it suitable for playing.

Main features:

  • This game is presented by game loft.
  • Decent graphics.
  • Doesn’t require much space

4. Golf star

golf star

This game is the most desired one with some crazy realistic graphics. This game doesn’t only motivate the players to play it in a cut throat manner but also allows opting for world championship.

Main features

  • This game is presented by com2Us
  • Excellent graphics
  • Players can play golf tournaments and world championship as well

5. WGT: world golf tour mobile game

wgt world golf tour mobile game

If you’re looking for a game to evoke realism to the field on a digital platform, this game is bang on to your requirement. The excellent graphics doesn’t leave anything to the imaginations. This game will provides imitation of the pinnacle courses from around the globe.

Main features:

  • This game is presented by wgt
  • Extremely realistic
  • Head to head matches can be played along with 18 –hole matches tournament.

6. Battle field

battle field

The taste of battle has now come to the golfing world. With several various levels, with increasing difficulty, this game gives you the perfect sense of achievement when new levels emerge from under water when one completes the previous level.

Main features:

  • Packed with the thrill of a battle
  • Provides the option to compete with the previous set high score
  • Innovative ways to present new levels

Golf has seen a transition from a leisure sport to a cut throat competitive sport. We have tried to enlist each kind of game in this list keeping this in mind. Do not forget to share your best game among this.

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