This independent video game since its inception in 2009 has been very popular among gamers. Download Minecraft and similar games like it from our list of Minecraft Game below.

This game is available in the platforms of Windows, Mac OS X, Android, iOS etc.

1. Minecraft Classic – A Game of Creativity, Survival and Exploration

minecraft classic

Check out Minecraft Classic, if you want a strategy game that prompts you to use your mind.

  • Semi randomly generated world with gameplay environment that lets you build things from scratch
  • Two Modes available: Survival and Creative
  • Play online to get a better understanding of the game

2. Manic Digger – A Game Like Minecraft

manic digger

Play Manic Digger, a game originally developed for Minecraft but later turned into a standalone game

  • Open source license which means users with programming licesnse can bring in their own contributions
  • Players can customize the game into a shooter, a farming simulator etc.
  • ‘Cheats’ included so that for instance you don’t have to wait much while travelling one place to the other

3. Perfect Minecraft Building – A Guide App For Minecraft

perfect minecraft building

Install Perfect Minecraft Building if you want an app that will give you detailed instructions on creating a building in Minecraft

  • 2×2 and 3×3 crafting grid can be accessed from the player’s inventory
  • Ingredients in reciepes can be shifted up, down, left and right
  • Easy interface which makes learning a lot easier

4. Winter Craft 3 : Mine Build – Minecraft Like Game With Added Features

winter craft 3

Use Winter Craft 3 : Mine Build if you want a game that works like Minecraft and can be played on your Android

  • New system for building stuffs unlike Minecraft
  • Variety of weapons and armor available in a medieval style
  • App keeps track of your player inventory and other stats

5. Exploration Lite – Game Editor Based On Minecraft

exploration lite

Download Exploration Lite, to build your own base, mine etc.

  • Move, build and transform the terrain in the game as you wish
  • 3D environment for giving the gamer a pleasurable experience
  • Cons: Free trial version, Exploration- full version- allows save and load game state

6. FreeCraft – A Pardody Game Based on Minecraft


Check out FreeCraft, if you want a free block building adventure game

  • Zombie mode included where you have to build homes to protect yourself against zombies
  • Beautiful graphics which makes it pleasing to play
  • Completely Free!

7. AdventureCraft – Customize Minecraft And Create Games!


Play AdventureCraft if you want to create your own maps using Minecraft.

  • Make huge complex structures out of any games materials
  • Download maps created by other s and play in them
  • Cons: May prove to be tough for beginners.

8. Growtopia


9. The Blockheads

the blockheads

10. Minebuild


Minecraft is a game that has revolutionized strategy gaming and our list aims at providing you with similar games and add-ons to the Minecraft world. Download them to enrich your Minecraft experience further!

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