Birthdays are celebrated yearly to commemorate yet another year in a person’s life. You send gifts and greeting cards just like how you send wedding cards to the celebrant. Birthday invitations are also sent to ask people over to join the celebration of this new year in someone’s life.

These greeting cards you send can be taken from online templates that you can see. They are easy to customize and are formatted, all ready for printing. Other cards you will find are business cards, menu cards, and more. Refine your search by specifying the type of card you want.

Birthday Greeting Cards

Retro Birthday Greeting Card

retro birthday greeting card


Free Birthday Greeting Card

free birthday greeting card



Vintage Birthday Greeting Card

vintage birthday greeting card



Hand Drawn Birthday Greeting Card

hand drawn birthday greeting card



What’s in a Birthday Card?

You can often hear about birthday cards but do you know what makes them different from other cards?

  • For starters, a birthday card is one of the many types of greetings cards.
  • It mostly has the age of the celebrant to make it more specific for the recipient.
  • Most of the time there are well wishes inside the card or a simple “Happy Birthday” written on it.
  • Usually, birthday cards are made folded in two but you can also find some that are in a quarter fold or in tri-fold.

You can find plenty of options online to meet your needs.

Why Use Birthday Cards?

There are many things that can replace birthday cards as gifts and the big question is: why should you choose to make birthday cards when you have alternatives?

  • The reason for this that sending birthday cards or even anniversary cards goes back from years ago. It is can make someone feel special with the extra effort put into creating it.
  • Also, greeting cards cost you less rather than other material gifts. But, they have more value because of the well wishes and thoughts the sender turned into something that they can hold and read.

Birthday Invitation Cards

Birthday Party Invitation Card

birthday party invitation card1



Floral Birthday Invitation Card

floral birthday invitation card1


Elegant Birthday Invitation Card

elegant birthday invitation card



Nautical Birthday Invitation Card

nautical birthday invitation card1



Birthday Menu Cards

Birthday Dinner Menu Card

birthday dinner menu card



Birthday Menu Card

happy birthday menu card



Birthday Party Menu Card

birthday party menu card1



Designing Your Own Birthday Card: Tips to Remember

Making your own birthday card seems like a simple idea. The concept and the aim are simple, and you won’t need anything over the top to create the best one. But, there still are things that you should consider to make sure that it is within standards. This is important because it makes your card decent and pleasing to whoever you wish to send it to. With that, here are the tips that you ought to know.

  • Keep your words visible. It is important that the greetings or messages written on the card are easy to read. Use appropriate fonts to match the occasion and look for the right color to use in every word. Conveniently, most downloadable cards, including gift cards, are made with stylish but legible typography. You have one less thing to worry about.
  • Don’t crowd the content. While you don’t want to have too much blank space on your card, you also shouldn’t be crowding every space you see with anything you want to add. Balance the pages of the card with enough content and white space. Some would write the bulkiest content inside the birthday card and lesser content in the front.
  • Organize your thoughts. Like any other card, think carefully about your message. Don’t just write whatever random thing comes to mind. Decide on exactly what it is you want to say and how you want to say it. This goes to all your celebration print outs from the birthday invitations to the menu cards.

Above are just the top three things to keep in mind. You still have the liberty to design your card in whatever way you are comfortable with. Be creative with your work while being flexible to the things you need to follow.

Birthday Gift Cards

Printable Birthday Gift Card

printable birthday gift card



Happy Birthday Gift Card

happy birthday gift card1



Baby Birthday Card with Bear

baby birthday card with bear1



Birthday Party Cards

Birthday Party Card with Balloons

birthday party card with balloons



Vintage Birthday Party Card

vintage birthday party card



Birthday Card with Hand Painted Elements

beautiful birthday card with elements



Birthday Party Card in Vector EPS

birthday party card vector



Vector Birthday Cards

 Vector Birthday Party Card

vector birthday party card



 Cartoon Birthday Card in Vector

cartoon birthday card vector



Vector Happy Birthday Card

green happy birthday card



The Cards You Need at Least Once Every Birthday

  • Invitation Cards. Celebrating your natal day is one big occasion and what better way to do it than by inviting your friends and family over? To do that, you would need your own invitation template to send to them, whether personally or thru email. Let them feel that you really want them to be there. Another benefit of sending invitation cards is that you will get an official response from them, giving you the chance to actually take into account how many people are coming over. Spend time with the people that are special to you with your own invitation.
  • Birthday Cards. Birthday celebrations are different each year and you as a celebrant gets to receive different gifts and make different memories as well. The same goes if you are just a guest when invited to a party as well. You are expected to send out gifts as a little gesture for the celebrant. You can send Funny Birthday Cards to celebrants to give them a good laugh for their day. This will put smiles to their faces as they read what you have written there. You can simply download these cards online.

Birthday Message Cards

Birthday Wish Message Card

birthday wish message card



Custom Birthday Message Card

custom birthday message card



Birthday Note Cards

Card Note with Red Ribbon Gift Bows

card note with red gift bows with ribbons



Birthday Thank You Note Card

birthday thank you note card



Birthday Party Note

birthday party note



Birthday Thank You Cards

Birthday Thank You Greeting Card

birthday thank you greeting card



Watercolor Birthday Thank You Card

watercolor birthday thank you card3



Happy Birthday Cards

Retro Happy Birthday Card

retro happy birthday card



Kids Happy Birthday Card

kids happy birthday card



Flat Design Birthday Card

flat happy birthday card



Funny Birthday Cards

Funny Mustache Birthday Card

funny mustache birthday card



Funny Monster Birthday Party Card

funny monster birthday party card



Birthday Card with Funny Animals

funny birthday card with animals



Overall Thoughts about Birthday Cards

Generally, birthday cards are not only meant for people of the younger demographic. In fact, with the fast-evolving technology where you can send a quick message in less than a minute, a greeting card that was spent an effort at can make a difference.

You don’t have to be all formal and classy with your cards. There are templates that you can find online just like how you can find birthday invitations to use. Search for Free Birthday Cards and numerous results will already delight you. Pick the most appropriate one for the person you are sending it to and customize it according to how you think they would like it. After all:

  • A little effort in customizing templates is the same when you make your own birthday card.
  • Although a DIY birthday card requires more effort, the thought of personalizing a card for someone still makes a statement that they are indeed special.
  • You can surprise your friends and family with what you can do in terms of design and put smiles on their faces.

Download a template now and make someone’s birthday even special.

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