While you can always make flyers for advertisements, such as agency flyers or those that will only require you to use a single page of the flyer, you can also choose to maximize the use of flyers by using both sides. These double sided flyers are applicable when you have a lot of information to include on your flyer and one page is not enough.

If this is the case, wherein the front page isn’t enough to hold the amount of information, then you might as well use the back page. This way, no page on the flyer is wasted and you are also able to write the needed information and details for the reader.

So if you are looking for double sided flyer templates, then feel free to browse through our gallery and choose the one that works best for you.

A4 Double Sided Flyers

a4 double sided flyers



A5 Double Sided

a5 double sided


Golf Tournament

golf tournament double



What Are Double Sided Flyers?

Flyers, for one thing, are advertisement tools in the form of a small piece of paper that bears information about a business or its products. Flyers are commonly being distributed by company representatives directly to the general public by hand.

Double sided flyers, on the other hand, are just regular flyers with the only difference being the fact that the rear page is also being used.

From the name itself, double sided flyers contain prints on both sides of the page.

As mentioned earlier, these flyers are ideal for writing a lot of information about the business or the product being promoted. Another good reason for using double sided flyers is when there are also a lot of images included that are relevant to what is being advertised.

Advantages of Using Double Sided Flyers

  • Double sided flyers can hold more information about the product than with regular, single sided flyers.
  • Double sided flyers enable you to add more images than usual. You may fill the front page with pictures and only a few text, and write down all the relevant information on the back page. For example, with restaurant opening flyers, you may write the name of the restaurant and pictures of the dishes on the front side, and the complete food menu and the price list on the back side.
  • Double sided flyers leave no wasted space since both sides are being used effectively to advertise the products.

Restaurant Double Flyer

restaurant double flyer



Fast Food Double Sided

fast food double sided



Double Sided Party Flyer Template

double sided party flyer template



Business Flyer Sided

business flyer sided



Tips When Using Double Sided Flyers

Regardless if you are making single sided or double sided flyers, there are particular guidelines that should be followed to increase the effectiveness of your flyers and make it even more appealing to the public.

Listed below are those guidelines and tips to help you out when using double sided flyers:

  • Maintain simplicity in the flyer’s design. Even when you are utilizing both sides of the flyer, make sure to leave enough white space to avoid making your flyer look disorganized.
  • Make your flyer look appropriate for its purpose. For school party flyers, avoid adding irrelevant and inappropriate images.
  • For easier reading, organize the contents of your flyer. You may place most images on the front side and write most text on the back side. When enumerating features or benefits, it is strongly advised to write it in bullet points.
  • Invest in high quality materials. Using cheap materials may not only make your business appear unstable or unprofessional, but since you are printing on both sides, the cheap material may cause the prints to become unclear or appear stained.

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