Any product needs a packaging for different reasons; for storing, carrying, keeping, and more. But, above all this, a packaging is what makes a product salable too. When a packaging is catchy, customers would be more interested trying it out. Samples of these are baby product packaging, food product packaging, and wine product packaging.

There are things to consider as well when deciding how your packaging would look like. Good thing is that you can find ideas online which you can apply for your own. You can also look for specific packaging designs such as candy packaging designs among other designs. It is convenient and it makes your work easier.

Bakery Product Packaging Designs

Branding Bakery Product

branding bakery product



Bakery Food Product Packaging

bakery food product packaging



Bakery Cookie Product Packaging

bakery cookie product packaging



Jewelry Product Packaging

Eco-Friendly Jewelry Product

eco friendly jewelry product



Jewelry Box Design

jewelry box design



Unique Jewelry Product Packaging

unique jewelry product packaging



Vintage Jewelry Product Packaging

vintage jewelry product packaging



The Role of Packaging Designs in Marketing

You probably know how important a packaging design is to your sales. But, how does it really affect your business in general?

The biggest impact it brings is the products known presence in the market. Does your packaging design make your product noticeable to consumers or does it leave them dusty and untouched on the shelves? When applying design, like retro packaging designs, see to it that one will immediately find interest in your product. Go all out without going overboard.

Products that have good packages are easier to promote and advertise to the consumers.

Secondly, your packaging design is what makes your product unique. Given that there are more than one competitors in your line of business, it is valuable that you find ways on how to brand yourself. Though you have product campaigns, it is still different when your product itself stands out. For example, a cosmetic product packaging that is similar to your competitor will not make any impact towards your business. But, with a perky design, one can then easily identify your product and your brand.

Make your packaging designs that have your business logo designs unique to stand out from others in your business industry.

Baby Product Packaging

Baby Food Product

baby food product1



Baby Product Gift

baby product gift



Baby Advertising Product Packaging

baby advertising product packaging



Organic Baby Product

organic baby product2



Candy Packaging Designs

Unique Candy Packaging

unique candy packaging



DIY Candy

diy candy



Fruit Candy Packaging Design

fruit candy packaging design



The Basics in Making Product Packaging Designs

Every packaging design is supposed to be different from the other. It comes in different colors, forms, and with the various reasoning behind its structure.

With that, here is a guide to the basics of making a product design. Know what they are and understand what you can do with your own product packaging, be it health product packaging or beauty product packaging.

  • Function and Purpose. The first thing you should be thinking about is the functionality of your design. Ask yourself what the packaging does. Although you want it to be stylish and unique, you also have to think of how it works. Does it only hold your product but is not ideal to use for storage? Is it good for both storage and display? These are the questions you need think of when thinking of the packaging you want to make.
  • Style and Appearance. The style of your packaging depends on your taste. There are minimal designs while there are very stylish too. These are the packaging that requires so much work of hand but comes out really well looking. If you are up for a very intricate appearance, you can consider those that are very complicated to make. But, if you are looking for something easier to make and faster to produce, minimal designs are best to use instead.

    You can search for designs and templates to make your work quicker and easier to finish.

  • Uniqueness. Above all, you need to think of a design which you think is different to that of your competitor’s design. The more unique your design is, the more noticeable it is to the public. If you are using templates and sample packaging designs, find ways on how you can customize the design.

    Make your product distinct and easier to identify with the product of other companies.

Retro Packaging Designs

Free Branding Tea Packaging

free branding tea packaging1



Retro Ice Tea Packaging

retro ice tea packaging



Free Awesome Retro Packaging Design

free awesome retro packaging design



Retro Spirit Packaging

retro spirit packaging



Food Product Packaging

Digital Food Product Packaging

digital food product packaging



Organic Food Product

organic food product3



Food Delivery Product

food delivery product



Food Grocery Product Packaging

food grocery product packaging



Cosmetic Product Packaging

Cosmetic Product Tubes Packaging

cosmetic product tubes packaging



Eco-Friendly Cosmetic Product

eco friendly cosmetic product3



Cosmetic Advertising

cosmetic advertising product packaging1



Health Product Packaging

Health Food Product Packaging

health food product packaging



Health Drink Product Design

health drink product design



Health Medicinal Product

health medicinal product packaging



Conceptualizing a Packaging Design

There are different parts in a packaging design and different components. These things have to be carefully thought of and weighed in. These are the two most important parts that complete your packaging design. Know more of what they are from this short guide.

  • Appearance. The first thing that you will be thinking of is how your product packaging would look like. Do you want it to be subtle or do you want to go all out? First, you think of the design you want to use. Are you thinking of using templates or do you prefer to start something from scratch? Aside from that, think of how it will be different from another packaging. For instance, how will your beverage product packaging be different from another packaging?
  • Material. Another thing to consider is the material you would be using. Check if the design you were planning to make is feasible with the materials you have in mind. Likewise, when thinking of the material to use, think if it is sturdy and reliable. How sturdy your packaging is will also affect the people’s impression about your product. Also, think of the safety of the consumers. As an example, a cleaning product packaging should be tightly sealed and should not easily spill.

Beauty Product Packaging

Cosmetic Beauty Product

cosmetic beauty product



Beauty Cream Packaging

beauty cream packaging



Unique Beauty Product Packaging

unique beauty product packaging



Skin Care Beauty Product

skin care beauty product



Spa Product Packaging

Spa Bottles

spa bottles1



Spa Soap

spa soap



Natural Spa Product

natural spa product packaging



Cleaning Product Packaging

Dry Cleaning

dry cleaning1



Cleaning Product Bags

cleaning bags product1



Modern Cleaning Product

modern cleaning product packaging



Beverage Product Packaging

Beverage Product Can Packaging

beverage product can packaging



Beverage Product Plastic Packaging

beverage plastic product2



Milk and Beverage Product

milk and beverage product



Some Tips for Your Packaging

Aside from the written content above, here are a few more tips when making a product packaging. Keep these in mind as you start making your packaging designs:

  • Choose the perfect color scheme for your packaging. Good colors make a good design. No exterior will be good enough when used with inappropriate colors. Look for pre-arranged schemes or decide for your own.
  • Apply the right typography on your packaging. Choose which font type will look better with the colors you have chosen and with the layout, you have made. The fonts you use will also be a part of your own brand.
  • Adjust the spacing of the texts written on your packaging. Your label designs will be your signature look as you slowly gain fame in the industry. Add your own company logo design to complete your whole package design.

Overall, a product’s packaging can affect its sales. But, with a good design to create, you get new and bigger chances of people patronizing your product even more. Just like how a spa product packaging can attract more people to visit the shop. Download a sample design and boost your sales significantly.

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