Pride month is an annual celebration that is commemorated every June all over the world. It is done in honor of anyone in the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer (LGBTQ) community. Whether you are a part of community, a sworn member of Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG), are a simple advocate, show your support to the occasion through simple actions. Even if you are at the other end of the spectrum, you can always make everyone happy with a greeting card to give away.

There are different types of cards that you can send to friends or family members from gift cards to sorry cards. Do you want to show your support, flirt, congratulate or just show your appreciation? Would you like to express your gratitude through thank you cards? Find the card that you should send to them. Get at least one of these cards from the selection below and give them a great reason to be happy.

Happy Pride Greeting Card

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Romantic LGBT Greeting Cards

I Might Be Gay for You Greeting Card

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Express how you feel for them in a minimalist card that combines different styles of fonts. The overall color scheme is kept clean in black and white. It also has line accessories and arrows that compliment with this simplistic design. This is a great card to use when you want to tell them how much they mean to you. Also, this will make a good anniversary card.

I Love You Greeting Card

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This greeting card is made with a spoonful of romance, a bit of thoughtfulness, and a generous dash of humor. Not only does this take pride in showing off their feelings but it also shows off the colors that represent the LGBT community. It has a plain white background that greatly compliments with the black wording and the pride flag that is found in the bottom part of the front page of the card.

Bisexual Pun Greeting Card

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Tell them you will be there for them for a long time with a cute pun greeting card. This has a pink air-sprayed background and cute texts at the center of the card. The texts are in black font color with the word “Bi” in gradient colors that represent bisexuality. Represent your sexuality and swoon people with a cute card to give away. Do you want to give a sweet thought to your partner during your special day? Send this as a wedding card to them and make them fall for you more.

Coming out Greeting Cards

Thank You Greeting Card

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Coming out is big step to take in someone’s life. Show your support to anyone who recently embraced who they are with a card that expresses your sentiments. In this card, each line of text is highlighted with a color from the pride flag. It uses one font style for all lines that has wordings that will touch the hearts of those who are reading it. This simple design will definitely put a smile on someone’s face.

Congratulations Greeting Card

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Not everyone will feel the same for people who just came out. Thus, a card such as this will surely boost the confidence of whoever you will give it to. Its design is pretty simple with text styles that are less formal. At its center is the pride flag which represents the LGBT community. Above and below it are texts that will boost the morale of those who just came out. Tell them how amazing they are for their decision of coming out through a lovely greeting card.

Proud Statement Greeting Cards

LGBT Supporter Greeting Card

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Even though you are not a part of the community, you can still always show how supportive you are to their cause of making a safe space for everyone regardless of their gender. Express your support to anyone through a beautiful card. It has a phrase that says “proud to support” with the word “proud” in LGBT color. Aside from that, it also has a hand holding out the pride flag as an additional design.

Proud of You Card for a Friend

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Got a friend who just came out of the closet? Send them supportive words through simple greeting cards and make them feel loved. This card uses two styles of fonts alternately with both in black font color. These texts are placed in a white background that contrasts it. Above the text is a small rainbow with clouds on both ends that adds color to this minimal designs. This also goes well with engagement thank you cards.

LGBT Colors Proud Greeting Card

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Loud and proud! Send away this card that has a large proud word in pride colors. This statement card is perfect for showing unconditional support to friends or family who plans on coming out or just came out. Its simplicity highlights every word written on the card.

Funny Gay Greeting Cards

Suggestive Greeting Card

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Looking for cards to impress your loved ones? Here is a suggestive card that will give them a good tickle. This cute card uses illustrations and a one liner catch phrase with a sweet wink at the end. Be subtle in your desire to get their attention in the way you want to have them. Send this cute suggestive card you might just get lucky.

Pun Greeting Card

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This amusing card is not only full of pun but is also oozing with cuteness. The star of this card is a smiling whale that has the horn of a unicorn. The smile alone of the whale is very contagious that makes you smile as well. Do you want to tell someone how amazing they are? Give them this magical homosexuwhale card. This will make an amazing birthday card as well.

All is Good Greeting Card

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Trying to comfort someone? Tell them that everything is okay with a card that says “everything is okay in the gayborhood.” The card is in black and white color scheme with fancy scrip style texts. This combines elegance and humor in one fancy card to send away to friends and other people you know.

Final Thoughts

Greeting cards can definitely make anybody’s day. The samples curated above are just a few of the many cards that you can find online. The best part about these cards is that they are very versatile in terms of how you can send and on what occasion you prefer to use it. Go all traditional and send cards to your loved ones on this special month for the LGBTQ community. Happy Pride Month!

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