Texture designs help bring out the best in images and any form of art work. When comparing a digital art work done on a solid color background without any texture with one that is done on a canvass that has a texture, there is a slightly better quality on the one with a texture. This is where texture designs come in, to enhance the quality of images, and we may just have PSD texture downloads that you can freely download and use.

Our watercolor texture designs provide both a canvass effect and a wet look on your images which helps improve the quality of your projects to some degree, making it more attractive to look at. So if you’re looking for sample texture designs that you can use on Photoshop, feel free to look around our samples.

Watercolor Paper

watercolor paper



Watercolor Splatter

watercolor splatter



Watercolor Wood

watercolor wood



The Art of Watercolor Textures

As mentioned earlier, the absence of textures in art would make the artwork dull and bland. The same thing can be said when it comes to our surroundings. Imagine a world where textures are non-existent and everything we see around us are plain — it would be impossible since textures are always there regardless if the surface is smooth or rough.

With watercolor textures, it gives an illusion of a canvass splattered randomly with paint, similar to splatter paint shirts that were a trend back then. But, we also have textures here that don’t involve paint splatters, and are simply a blank textured canvas similar to the ones used for painting. These textures are perfect for those images in which you want the background to look like an abstract watercolor painting.

Our watercolor texture designs can be used by anybody who has access to any photo editing software and has the knowledge and skills necessary in using such. You may want the main feature of your image to appear as if it is floating on top of the watercolor texture, or you may also want to have it blended on the texture to make it look like it is one with the background. This technique can also be done with water texture designs to give an illusion that the main image is submerged underwater.

Blue Colored Texture

blue colored texture



High Resolution Watercolor

high resolution watercolor1



Abstract Watercolor Texture

abstract watercolor texture



Brushed Watercolor

brushed watercolor



Using Our Watercolor Texture Designs

There are various ways on how to use these watercolor texture designs for your digital creations. You may simply use them as it is or you can also incorporate it to your existing pictures either as a background or a foreground image. For added oomph and you want to include two opposing elements to your image, to give it a  “yin-yang” effect, you may also incorporate fire textures on your image.

Using our watercolor textures doesn’t entirely rely on skills and knowledge, these are only required when handling photo editing programs, but for the texture designs themselves, it relies more on the person’s creativity. Below are a list of tips on where and how you can use these watercolor texture designs:

  • Use these texture designs as a background image for your advertising vehicles such as flyers, posters, banners, or even billboards.
  • Use these textures as a wallpaper for your personal computer.
  • Or, you can also use these texture designs as a background for a website or social media page that you are developing.

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