For businesses and organizations to stay alive, they need to be able to make profit out of what they are doing, and for this to become possible, their existence needs to be recognized by the public. An effective way for them to gain recognition is through the use of advertising tools, and one of which are flyers. Making your own advertising flyers is easy with the help of our flyer designs.

Our website contains an entire collection of advertising flyer templates which are easily accessible and downloadable for the convenience of everyone. This is one inexpensive advertising method made even more cost-effective and easy to make, that even businesses and organizations with a very tight budget can manage.

Feel free to look around our website for advertising flyer designs that may be useful to you.

Business Advertising Flyer Designs

Small Business Advertising Flyer

small business advertising flyer1



Sample Business Advertising

sample business advertising



Business Campaign

business campaign



Corporate Business Flyer

corporate business flyer



Daycare Advertising Flyer

Babysitter Flyer Template

babysitter flyer template



Nanny Trainer Flyer

nanny trainer flyer



What Are Advertising Flyers?

Flyers, for one thing, are small sheets of paper printed with information intended to promote or advertise something.

That is the main purpose of flyers — for promotion and advertisement. These are being used by businesses, to promote their brand and the products they are selling, and also by event organizers, to let the public be aware of an upcoming event while inviting them to attend that said event.

There are daycare flyers that are being used by daycare centers to promote their institution to parents and inviting them to have their children enrolled in their institution. For them to stand out from among other daycare centers, they should bring something new to the industry and include it in their flyers for the information of the reader.

There are also rent flyers that are being used by almost anybody who are trying to advertise their property and have it rented for a fee. These flyers usually state the best features of the property to be able to successfully persuade a prospect to rent it. It may or may not indicate the rent fee, but it should always indicate the contact details of the owner if in case a prospect becomes interested in renting the property.

These are just a few examples of advertising flyers since there are many more being used by business.

We could even say that most flyers in existence are intended for advertising purposes considering the fact that these tools were made and distributed to entice a reader to avail of the products and services advertised on the flyer.

Auto Repair Advertising Flyer

Auto Repair Shop Flyer

auto repair shop flyer



 Auto Service

auto service



DJ Advertising Flyer Designs

 DJ Party Advertising Flyer

dj party advertising flyer



Product Advertising Flyer

Multipurpose Product Advertising Flyer

multipurpose product advertising flyer



The Process Of Making An Advertising Flyer Using Our Templates

Making your own advertising flyers may not be very easy, but it also isn’t very difficult either.

In the previous decades to centuries, advertising vehicles were made from total scratch and some are even made by hand. During these times, advertisers were not completely certain regarding the standards of making flyers and would heavily rely on finished products, on intuition, and luck to be able to produce effective and attention-grabbing flyers.

In today’s digital age, templates are being provided to make the task of designing flyers hassle-free.

While it may still be quite of a challenge, since there are things needed to be considered when designing one, half of the flyer design is already done to provide you with a guide on how you should make your flyer, and all that’s required from you are a few alterations to the design.

We have various flyer templates to choose from. If you are managing a landscaping or a lawn care business, you can use our lawn advertising flyers to advertise how well you are able to manage lawns.

On the other hand, if you are trying to promote physical fitness or you are managing a fitness center, you can go with our fitness advertising flyers to invite people to come to your gym.

To help you out on how to make your own advertising flyers, follow the steps listed below:

  • To make it faster for you to work on the flyer design on the computer, it is best to make a draft or a sketch of your flyer beforehand with the use of a pen and a sheet of paper.
  • Once you have figured out the look for your advertising flyers, browse through our collection of flyer templates on our website and look for the one that works best with your draft. For easier and faster searching, use the magnifying glass tool on the top-right corner of the page.
  • Download your chosen flyer template and save it to your computer.
  • Open your downloaded template on a photo editor and make the necessary alterations. You don’t necessarily have to use all the existing features on the template, you may add more and you may also remove some that you think are irrelevant.
  • Have your finalized flyer design printed.

Church Advertising

Church Grand Opening Flyer

church grand opening flyer



Worship Concert Flyer

worship concert flyer



Gym Advertising Flyer

Fitness Gym Flyer

fitness gym flyer



Health & Fitness Flyer

health fitness flyer



Fitness Class

fitness class



Lawn Advertising Flyers

Lawn Care Flyer

lawn care flyer



Garden and Lawn Care

garden and lawn care



Garden Service Flyer

garden service flyer1



Multipurpose Landscaping

multipurpose landscaping



Advantages Of Using Flyers For Advertising

Flyers are still being used today even with all the advancement in technology and the presence of digital and paperless advertising media because it is still proven effective while retaining its inexpensive nature.

Photo studios still make use of photography advertising flyers and fitness centers still utilize fitness flyers for the promotion of their business. The traditional printed flyers have always been proven to be easy on the budget, easy to produce and reproduce, and is still able to get the job done.

The distribution of flyers often initiate a direct interaction between the advertiser and the prospect, which is something that is not possible with digital advertising media.

The advantage of having a direct interaction is that if a prospect makes inquiries regarding the contents of the flyer, the advertiser may be able to provide them with a response right away.

Because of its tangible nature, the mere fact that a copy of the flyer reaches the hand of the prospect means that your message has already traveled halfway, and you will only need to wait for them to actually read the contents, and this is highly possible if your flyer is done properly.

 Massage Advertising Flyer

Massage Therapy Advertising Flyer

massage therapy advertising flyer



Photography Advertising Flyer

 Wedding Photography Flyer

wedding photography flyer



Photography Business Flyer

photography business flyer



Modern Photography Studio Flyer

modern photography studio flyer2



Real Estate Advertising Flyer

Home for Sale Advertising

home for sale advertising



Real Estate Service Flyer

real estate service flyer



Useful Tips When Using Flyers

When using flyers for advertisement, especially when you use business flyer designs to advertise your company, there are still factors to consider to make your flyers even more effective while avoiding the risk of having your flyers thrown straight to the garbage bin.

Read the tips listed below to make the most out of your flyers:

  • Keep the design simple and easy on the eyes. Make sure to balance the actual printed area of the flyer with the white space to avoid making your flyer look cluttered.
  • Don’t go over-the-top with the images as well as the font types used. For the images, include only the relevant ones. And for the font types, limit only to two types.
  • Make sure to use high quality paper for printing your flyers, and if ever you chose to have it printed yourself, be sure to set your printer to print in the highest resolution.
  • Always include a call to action as well as your contact details for the convenience of the prospect if ever they take interest on what you are advertising.
  • Do not forget to proofread your flyer.

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