It is rare to come across cooking games free download full version. So here we have collected the best cooking games for free for windows 7 and other OSx and created direct download links just for you.

These games challenge your expertise of cooking, baking and also the speed of your service.

1. Happy Chef 2

happy chef 2

Race against the clock to cook and feed an ending queue of famished customers. This free cooking game offers lots of gourmet dishes, perfect for people who love to cook in real life.

  • Beautiful rendering.
  • Fast and accurate progress.
  • Save old game progress.
  • Leaderboards; online competition and updates.
  • Ideal for windows users.

2. Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2.15

cook serve delicious

This cooking game stands out in the crowd with amazing graphics and impeccable controls. Start with fast-food and move on to other entrées as your levels advance.

  • Accurate restaurant management experience.
  • Supports all windows OSx.
  • Progress through levels; buy new utensils and raw materials.
  • Progressively challenging tasks.
  • Well suited for all age groups, includes in app purchases.

3. Cooking Academy

cooking academy

The trial version of the Cooking Academy game includes all the features that you look for in a challenging cooking game. This is a wonderful way to channel your boredom if you are a food lover.

  • It is easy to follow and extremely fun to play.
  • Comes with interesting trivia about different cuisines from across the world.
  • It is extremely well suited for kids, teens and adults as well.

4. Cooking Dash 2.0

cooking dash

Another racing against the clock to serve customers cooking game which tests your skills, knowledge about cooking and speed.

  • Includes multiple levels (50) with increasing complications.
  • The groovy soundtrack is an added perk.
  • Several rounds of orders to keep it fast and challenging.
  • Even suitable for adults.
  • Multiple characters, including Flo who waits tables and cooks on your behalf.

5. Go Go Gourmet

go go gourmet

A fast and furious cooking game where you have to do everything from cook to serve your hungry customers. You need to complete as many orders in the littlest time possible.

  • Challenging levels, even for adults.
  • High end graphics with a fun soundtrack.
  • Make your way trhough 7 themed restaurants and become the best chef in town.

6. Turbo Subs

turbo subs

In the Big Apple serve customers in your restaurant with varieties of Subs. In Turbo Subs, your work is to serve as many customers as possible within a little amount of time.

  • One click customer selection and order placement.
  • Interesting twist, thieves in restaurant who try to steal your cash. You need to fight them off while juggling orders.
  • Better service draws better tips at each level.

7. Make a cake- cooking game 22.0

make a cake cooking games

Help Popsy in this dynamic cooking game by baking cakes in limited time. This cooking game proves to be challenging even for adults.

  • Move about the elements and use the undo buttons to clear out mess.
  • You can save the finished products, use them as wallpaper or share on social networks.
  • Pause in the middle of the game and start without losing any progress.

Take a break, indulge in baking wonderful cakes, cookies and muffins, or cook a pot roast without having to leave your comfy couch. Try these free cooking games for the ultimate fun and unwinding.

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