The trend today with icons on computers and portable devices is to make it appear in a minimalist fashion. The same can be said with logo designs nowadays. Back then, icons and logos were fancier and are usually three-dimensional in appearance, unlike now that UIs lean more toward having a simpler and flat look.

Even on the internet, you would notice websites, such as Google and Facebook, use a much more simpler look that is not only appealing, but also easy on the eyes because of the limited number of colors and shapes used.

With company logo designs, the same principle and idea is applied, wherein a simpler look is proven to be more favorable by the public than those designs that are too artistic, yet we can still say that a minimalist design is still artistic, but not too much.

Just take a look at big companies such as Coca-Cola and McDonald’s, the design of their logo is very simple, with only  two colors, yet it has proven to stand the test of time.

Flat Business Logo Design

Digital Business Logo

digital business logo Download


Vintage Business Logo

vintage business logo Download


World Business Logo

world business logo Download


Abstract Business Logo

abstract business logo Download


What Are Flat Logos?

Logos, as it is, are defined as a graphic image that symbolizes a company or organization and provides them with an identity.

Logos are used by businesses for easy recognition from the general public, and logos are also easier to remember than the name of the company itself. Logos are highly applicable to companies with very long names or those with weird-sounding or hard-to-remember names.

With logos, one could easily recognize a brand even without seeing the name of the company.

Flat logos, on the other hand, are those logos that have been made in a simplified manner.

These logos are a total opposite from those bearing an embossed or a three-dimensional look. From the name itself, these logos look flat and simpler, while retaining the creativeness and appeal. Many people nowadays prefer to use flat logos and icons because they are easier on the eyes, they look less-cluttered, and are also less complicated to design than the fancier ones.

Our website contains a collection of flat logo templates for those who wish to use flat logos for their business and organization.

And for those who prefer editing using Adobe Photoshop, we also have downloadable PSD logo designs for your convenience. PSD files work best and are highly compatible with Adobe Photoshop, which can make your editing process much less of a hassle.

If you want to make your own simple flat logo design, then you won’t have to look anywhere else, check out the ones that we are offering on our website.

Flat Company Logo Design

Advertising Company Logo

12345 Download


Construction Company Logo

construction company logo Download


Cleaning Company Logo

cleaning company logo Download

Corporate Logo Designs

Corporate Company Logo

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Corporate Business Logo

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Flat Education Logo Design

Computer Education

computer education Download


Technology Education Logo

technology education logo Download


Make Your Own Logo Using Our Templates

Making your own logo is just like editing an image using a photo editor, which is basically the same process. The only difference with editing a picture and making a logo is that the former is done to enhance the quality of the picture while the latter focuses more on symbolism.

Companies use corporate logo designs to symbolize the nature of their company and what they actually do in a somewhat abstract manner.

Designing your own flat logo has been made easier because of the availability of professional logo templates on the internet, specifically our website. We have gathered the best flat logo templates that we can find on the internet so we can also provide you with the best designs. I

f you are unsure on the process of making your own logo design, follow the steps listed below:

  • Decide on what type of logo design you want to use. There are logos that are purely text (wordmark), there are logos that contain only the initials of the company’s name (lettermark), there are logo designs containing only the graphic symbol or the icon (brandmark), and there are also logos that contain both the symbol and text, which are divided into to kinds: emblem logo (the text is found within the symbol), and the combination logo (the text is separate from the symbol).
  • Browse through our website and look for the flat logo design that works best for you. For easier searching, you may use the search tool (magnifying glass icon) located on the upper-right corner of the page. Click on the icon and enter the name of the logo template that you are looking for.
  • Once you have found your chosen flat logo template, download it by clicking on the download button that accompanies the template, and save the file on to your computer.
  • Edit your flat logo design using your photo editor of choice. These designs are mostly in vector format and are fully editable. You may be able to resize the scale of each element on the design while keeping the resolution at its best. For the highest compatibility, we recommend you use Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator in editing these files.
  • After you’re done editing these logo designs, you may now publish it digitally or you may also have it printed.

Flat Jewellery Logo Design

Jewellery Shop Logo

jewellery shop logo Download


Flat Medical Logo Design

Medical Lab Logo

medical lab logo1 Download


Medical Clinic Logo

Medical Equipment Logo

medical equipment logo Download


Flat Music Logo Design

Music Band Logo

music band logo Download


Music Company Logo

music company logo Download


Flat Mobile Logo Design

Mobile Company Logo

mobile company logo Download


Mobile Application Logo

mobile application logo Download


Flat Fitness Logo Design

Fitness Center Logo

fitness center logo Download


Fitness Business Logo

fitness business logo Download


Fitness Brand Logo

fitness brand logo Download


Flat Travel Logo Design

Travel Agency Logo

travel agency logo Download

Advantages When Using A Logo For Your Business

Using a logo for your business is more than just formality purposes. You don’t just make one for your business or organization just to provide yourself with a logo with no other reason at all.

Having an effective and meaningful logo is important, and here are the advantages brought about by using logos for your business:

  • Logos help build an identity to a company. Though this is also possible with the name of the company itself, but it has been proven that people find it much easier to remember images or symbols rather than texts.
  • Logos provide the public with an idea on what the business is about. When they see fitness logos, they could easily associate it with companies that are into promoting and restoring physical fitness. And when people see music logos, they can right away recognize it as a company involved in making or producing music.
  • Logos can give an impression of a stable and professional business, and when people get this impression, they are more likely to trust these businesses.

Flat Salon Logo Design

Beauty Salon Logo

beauty salon logo Download


Salon and Spa Logo

salon and spa logo Download

Flat Restaurant Logo Design

Restaurant Business Logo

restaurant business logo2 Download


Flat School Logo Design

Dance School Logo

dance school logo Download

Flat Photography Logo Design

Wedding Photography

wedding photography1 Download


Professional Photography

professional photography Download


Food Logo Design

Food Truck Logo

food truck logo Download


Food Product Logo

food product logo1 Download


Food Company

food company Download


Flat Sports Logo Design

Sports Club Logo

sports club logo Download


Sports Team Logo

sports team logo Download


Flat Fashion Logo Design

Fashion Brand Logo

fashion brand logo Download


Fashion Clothing Logo

fashion clothing logo Download


Real Estate Company Logo Design

real estate company logo design Download


Flat Logo: Do’s and Don’ts

Listed below are some of the things that you may or may not do when using flat logos:

  • DO keep your logo simple since flat logo designs are more into simplicity.
  • DO NOT use too many colors and shapes with flat logos. Most flat logos use only up to two colors and shapes.
  • DO use a logo design appropriate to your business. For example, companies or organizations that are associated to sports should use sports logos.
  • DO NOT save your finalized logo in a JPG format since these tend to blur out or get pixelated very easily.
  • DO provide an explanation for your logo, to provide the public with an idea on what you do as well as to make them easily remember the nature of your business.

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