When businesses make an image of their brand or a logo, sometimes they would make use of text written in a rather artistic manner. Some would use these text by itself as with typography logos while some would incorporate it with the symbol of their business.

While some would write the complete name of their business, there are also companies and organizations that will include only the initials to make it shorter and easier to remember by the people.

So if you are trying design a logo for your business or organization using typography, you may have just found the right place.

Our website contains more than 27 typography designs that you can download and use right away. Even if you prefer to use Adobe Photoshop for editing these designs, we also have PSD designs for you that are highly compatible with the software.

Typography Logo

Fashion Logo

fashion logo



Typography Business Logo

typography business logo



Company Logo Template

company logo



Typography Poster

Chalkboard Typography

chalkboard typography



Vintage Typography Poster

vintage typography poster



Concert Poster

concert poster



What Are Typography Designs?

Typography is defined as the art of writing text in an artistic and unique manner, while still being legible enough for people to read. They are done to attract the attention of onlookers because of the day the words have been written.

Factors in typography include the typography fonts, which refers to the way the letters were written, the arrangement of the letters, and the spacing in between the letters.

Typography designs refer to the text used for branding and for creating an identity for businesses and organizations. These designs include more than just the text, but also the background images associated with it.

With businesses, they use typography designs similar to logos, but place more emphasis on the text written rather than the graphic symbol, though there are also logos that rely heavily on text. The only difference with logotypes and typography designs is the fact that the latter includes the images or the design around the text while the former does not.

The uses of typography designs go beyond just for branding and business identity. These can also be used for advertisement purposes. There are typography poster designs that are being used to promote events and occasions, and there are even designs for brochures intended for marketing purposes.

The main purpose of typography designs, therefore, is to display something that can be read by people in the most appealing manner.

Typography Brochure

typography brochure



Wedding Typography Design

Wedding Invitation Typography

wedding invitation typography



Vintage Wedding Typography

vintage wedding typography



Fashion Typography

Fashion Magazine Typography

fashion magazine typography



Fashion Photography Magazine

fashion photography



Modern Fashion Typography

modern fashion typography



Food Typography Design

Food Packaging

food packaging



Food Art

food art



How Can These Typography Designs Be Used?

The use of typography designs relies mostly on one’s creativity. Much like when you make letter doodles using a pen and paper, typography designs lean more towards the use of a person’s artistic imagination.

There are no specific rules to follow when using typography designs, though there are guidelines on how you should use them to make the best out of those typographic letters.

Listed below are those guidelines to help you out in using these designs:

  • While with other designs, it is strongly advised that you make a sketch of the design first on paper before you start working on the design using the computer. Here, since the design of the letters are already given, we suggest that you browse through our gallery of typography designs first before deciding on which one you would want to use for your business.
  • Choose the typography design that fits your business. If you are into the fashion industry, then we recommend you go with our collection of fashion typography designs. This way, when the general public sees your design, they will right away have an idea on what your business is all about since they will be able to associate it with you typography design.
  • If your business or organization does not have a specific theme, you can choose a design that’s appropriate both to the members of the organization and to the target audience. If formality is the core of your organization, then you can choose to use a formal design, and an example of which are vintage typography designs. These typography designs are not only suitable, but also appropriate for a wide range of audiences.
  • After choosing the typography design that works for you, download it and save it on your computer.
  • Edit your typography design using the photo editor of your choice, though we recommend you use Adobe Photoshop for editing to gain the highest compatibility. For easier editing, make a separate layer for making your design and leave the downloaded design template untouched.
  • After you are done editing your design, decide whether you want to publish it right away or you want to have it printed as a hard copy.

Vintage Typography Design

Vintage Fonts Typography

vintage fonts typography



Music Concert

music concert



Banner Typography Design

Ribbon Banner

ribbon banner



Vintage Banner Typography

vintage banner typography



Menu Typography Design

Restaurant Menu Typography

restaurant menu typography



Coffee Menu

coffee menu



Food Menu

food menu



Who Can Use These Typography Designs?

Anybody creative enough who knows how to use photo editing software can use our typography designs. These design templates have been made available and accessible for the convenience of everyone, and not just graphic artists.

Though we could say that these were done by talented graphic artists from all over the world, but these were made to cater anybody with stable internet connection, and sufficient skills and creativity to make their own unique design out of these templates.

Anybody running a business in the food industry such as restaurants, fast food chains, eateries, or food catering services can make use of our menu typography designs to make their food menus in the most attractive way. To make it even more appealing to the eyes of the customers, you could add pictures of the dishes right beside the name and a short description under it.

For businessmen, they will usually make use of business cards to share with prospective clients or business partners. These people can use our typography business card designs in making their business cards and they won’t have to worry about anything else.

Our business card typography designs are sure to make you look professional while also making your business card appear as if it was made professionally.

Packaging Typography Design

Beer Packaging

beer packaging



Creative Packaging Typography

creative packaging typography



3D Typography Design

3d typography design



Typography Lettering Design

Hand Lettering

typography hand lettering



Brush Lettering

typography brush lettering



Typography Layout Design

Typography Poster Layout

typography poster layout



Book Layout

typography book layout



Tips When Using Our Typography Designs

We have already mentioned earlier that there are no specific rules when using typography since it relies mostly on the inventive imagination of the artist, yet there are guidelines for maximizing the creativity of the design.

Listed below are some of these guidelines:

  • Always choose a typography lettering design that is appropriate to the nature of your business or organization. For formal organizations, always choose formal-looking typography, and for casual ones, you may choose more artistic typography designs.
  • Learn the basic terms involved in typography, such as kerning (refers to the space in between two letters), tracking (refers to the distance between all the letters in general), and alignment (the location of the text within the given work space; the alignment may either be horizontal or vertical).
  • If appropriate, use a secondary font for the tagline, and choose one that suits the primary font type. Stick with a maximum of two fonts in a design, beyond that may make your design too cluttered.

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