The fame of the polka dot started way back in the early 1920’s when Miss America appeared in a photograph wearing a polka dotted swimsuit. It was further made more popular a few years later, when Minnie Mouse, who wore her iconic red polka dot dress, was first introduced by Disney.

Polka dots have always been trendy since then, and we can understand why. Who wouldn’t like to see a creative pattern of circles on a surface? But now, polka dots appear on more than just on clothing. You can find polka dots on wallpapers, on floors, and on computer images. On this site, we have free downloadable patterns in polka dots that you can use for your computer projects.

Vintage Polka Dot

vintage polka dot



Polka Dot Free Vector

polka dot free vector



Purple Polka Dot

purple polka dot



Big Polka Dot

big polka dot



Doting on Polka Dots

When we speak of patterns, these are images that consist of repeating geometric figures or colors and are being used for various purposes. The manner in which these elements are repeated could be in a uniform layout, or it could also be done in a more random way.

However, when we speak of polka dot patterns, these focus more on the round-shaped dots that appear as an overlay on a solid-colored surface. The common types of polka dots have uniform-sized dots and have equal gaps, though there are also polka dot patterns in which the dots vary in size and/or color, and the gaps also have different distances.

These polka dot patterns can be used by graphic artists for the enhancement of photos and images by adding a sense of sweetness and delight to it. But because of the convenience and the accessibility of our polka dot patterns, anyone can use these for almost anything they desire. You may even check out our downloadable PSD patterns for samples that are highly compatible with Adobe Photoshop. Continue reading on the next paragraph for other uses of polka dot patterns.

Classic Polka Dot

classic polka dot



Rainbow Polka Dot

rainbow polka dot



Cute Polka Dot

cute polka dot



Black an White Polka Dot

black an white polka dot



Do the Polka with Polka Dots!

Patterns can both be found and used on almost, if not, anything. Everywhere we look, we patterns on various things. We see them on large surfaces such as walls, floors, or ceilings, and we can also see them on small objects including notebooks (line patterns) and chess boards (color and shape patterns). Seamless patterns are commonly found on fabrics used for carpets or wall decors. Polka dot patterns, however, they can be used for purposes that may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • The most common place where you can find polka dots is on clothing or fabrics. When we think of polka dots, we are usually reminded of polka dot dresses or polka dot blankets. You can use our samples if you are designing polka dotted clothes on your computer.
  • Polka dots can also be used for decorative purposes. Add art to the walls of your house by putting a polka dot pattern on them, or also make it as a backdrop for events or presentations. Have our samples printed out as a wallpaper and attach it to your walls.
  • Use our samples as your computer’s wallpaper or as a background image for your website. Simply download our patterns, do some editing using Photoshop, and you’re all set!

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