You often see stones as interior and exterior decors in households and structures. But, did you know that stones don’t only apply to those and can actually look good in paper designs and websites? Just like other patterns, such as Snowflake Patterns, stone patterns are also great to use for design.

There are free patterns that you can make use of for any layout you have in mind. These patterns make a good background but it can be applied as a texture as well. Furthermore, the stones used are different types. Find varieties of designs from the selection that follows.

Paving Stone

paving stone

PSD Stone Pattern

psd stone pattern

Grunge Pattern

grunge pattern1

Exterior Pattern

exterior pattern

Garden Stone Pattern


Vector Stone

vector stone


Using Stone Patterns: Some Ideas to Consider

Undeniably, there are plenty of patterns that you will find online — camo patterns, heart patterns, and the likes — one of those are stone patterns. Here are three known ways of how you can utilize stone patterns better:

  • Websites. Every web page needs a good background to draw traffic from one time visitors and returning viewers. The better the design of the page, the more appealing it is for those who visit it. Stone patterns can be applied to give it a wall-like feel that makes the posts would seem like they are pinned to bricks or stones.
  • Posters. If you are looking forward to a rustic style poster, a stone pattern background would give it a good style. Find high-quality backgrounds that won’t get distorted or pixelated as you edit them in your posters. Choose the perfect color scheme that will match with the patterns and complete your awe-striking rustic ensemble.
  • Flyers. Although flyers are often kept simple, you can always go out your way and add an extra style to it. Use stone patterns as textures on your background or your letters and create a masterpiece out of rocks and stones.

Horizontal Pattern

horizontal pattern

Paper Stone Pattern

paper stone pattern1

Natural Stone

natural stone2

Seamless Pattern

seamless pattern

Wall Stone Pattern

wall stone pattern

Beach Stone Pattern

beach stone pattern

Tileable Stone

tileable stone


Little Tweaks for Stone Pattern Designs

Small adjustments in your layout can get you a long way. If you are unsure on how you can improve your stone patterns, here are some tips that will ease the flow of ideas for you.

  • Use colors to your advantage. A good background will end up useless when you use the wrong colors for them. Since you are going for the rustic style, use schemes that are leaning more to the neutral side. Neon colors are not too suitable for rustic designs and stone patterns.
  • Combine patterns with other designs. Another way is to mix up your patterns with other patterns or textures. For starters, you can look for the patterns and textures you want to match your stone patterns with. Other patterns include grid Patterns, trippy patterns, and more. Search for resources and be creative with what you do.
  • Polish everything. Above all, polish your design. Do not save your output as your final design if you are unsure about it. You can ask another person’s constructive criticism for an unbiased opinion. However, you also need to put a dash of confidence on your work. Express yourself with your creation styled with stone patterns.

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