There are a number of choices over the android apps and games for zombie freaks who are looking for blood!

Here is top selection of the free games that you can play to kill your thirst for growly adventures.

1. Zombie Murder

zombie murder

Save the city from another appalling nightmare! They are not humans but hungry zombies and play to save the ordinary citizens. It is an excellent adventure for those who love shooting. So take part in this a fair revenge and be a part of city defender.

  • easily downloaded on PC
  • Rated best for 12 years and above
  • no added software required

2. Dead Trigger

dead trigger

Modern civilization is coming to face the most catastrophic disaster. Explore the city and fight the zombies to prevent you from eating up!

  • Stunning graphics with 3D audio
  • Receive free updates
  • ragdoll effects
  • applicable for 2.3.3 and up android version

3. Into the Dead

into the dead

The zombie apocalypse is descending on the gruesome world. With no second chances, you have to keep moving to stay alive.

  • Intense game play with arsenal of powerful weapons
  • Strong Violence, so rated for 16+ gamers
  • compatibility varies with device
  • supports tablet

4. Zombie Crush

zombie crush

This Zombie shooting game is super snappy and you have to be alert all though the move. There are unique scene all through the game and blood boiled battle will keep you engaged all though the game.

  • 3D graphics with CD game sounds
  • supported on 2.3.3 and above android devices
  • Rated for 16+ gamers

5. Zombie Hell

zombie hell 3

A brand new game from the old makers of the Zombie Crush and older version of Zombie Hell Super Goalkeeper etc., this whole new series will introduce you to the new weapons, divine combinations and much more ghastly experiences.

  • combined level of horror and thriller
  • rated for 12 years and older gamers
  • applicable for 2.3 and up android devices

6. Plants vs. Zombies 2

plants vs

This game has a prequel with hit action-strategy adventure which has won 30 Game of the Year awards. Defeat legions of zombies with the army of the powerful plants. Choose the plants wisely to go through the winning strategy.

  • with mild violence level, it has been rated safe for 7 years and older
  • for 2.3 and up android devices
  • 3.9.1 is the new free version of the game

7. Stupid Zombies

stupid zombies

This game has the undead return of the brainless creatures, with improved weapons and puzzles. This is a player-friendly package with 600 levels.

  • Moderate violence level for 12+ gamers
  • applicable for 2.3 and up android devices

8. Zombie Killer

zombie killer

9. Zombie Highway

zombie highway

10. Zombie Frontier

zombie frontier

Game plays for Zombies have always been fun filled but there are some which needs parental guidance as they contain high level of violence. These blood-filled games might not always be the best option for the kids but if it’s meant to be adventurous along with lethal strategies, Zombie games are for you! No added software is required to install and play these games.

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