One of the many advertisements you will see nowadays is in large prints displayed in big cities, buildings, and other high-rise buildings. They are called billboard signage.

There are different types of billboards. One of which is the school billboard. But, there are billboards for businesses as well. This works the same as you marketing banner designs.

A business billboard aims to promote and advertise the client posting it. They display a creative design which attracts attention from plausible clients to what the company is about.

Find your billboard design from the collection we have below. They are ready to be edited or customize for your convenience when using them.

School Billboard Design

Dance School

dance school


Driving School



Business Billboard

 E-Commerce Business

e commerce business



Multipurpose Business Billboard

multipurpose business billboard1







Corporate Business

corporate business



Do’s and Don’ts of Billboard Designs

There are certain guidelines that should be followed when making billboard designs just like when making business company brochures. This is to ensure that your designs are appropriate and appealing to your target audience especially for an outdoor billboard design that is frequently seen by many.


  • Make your ad legible to readers. Although the size of a billboard is big enough, some texts in it can still be hard to read when in bad font styles, colors, or sizes.
  • Ensure that the text is visible from afar. Smaller text sizes are hard to read and therefore, should be avoided at all times.
  • Use high-quality images so it doesn’t get distorted nor pixelated when printed in big sizes. The higher the resolution of your design, the lower the tendency of a distorted design.


  • Overdo your designs by adding too many elements on it. For instance, add at least one or two images of food in a restaurant billboard and not the whole menu you have.
  • Forget to polish little details on your design. Remember that everything will be blown up in terms of size in the output. The small details in your design will be seen clearly once it is printed.

Restaurant Billboard Template





Creative Restaurant Billboard

creative restaurant billboard1



Fast Food Billboard

fast food billboard



Real Estate

real estate



Effective Billboard

effective billboard



University Billboard Design

university billboard design



Black Friday Billboard

multi use billboard



Billboard Signage

billboard signage



Outdoor Billboard PSD

outdoor billboard psd



How to Design Your Own Billboard

Confused on how and where to start making your billboard designs?

Read these guidelines to help you out with what you need to prepare and what you have to sort out as you finalize your output. Understand these tips and find ways on how you can apply these things on your travel billboard or education billboard.

  • Layout your design ahead of time. This is the first step you need to take when conceptualizing a billboard design. Think about how much space you have and how you can utilize every space off it. This is important because it gives you an idea on how many elements you can add to your work space.
  • Choose your background design next. Select something that you can pair up with the things you want to add on your layout. Say, a plain black background can be used with multiple colors but a glitter pattern can only be used with a chosen few. Consider the design you want on your billboard and only use those that are in high-resolution.
  • Add legible texts that are related to your business. It can be the name of your product or your company itself. Aside from that, your text can also be your catchphrase or tagline. Likewise, for billboard announcements, make sure that you have filled in the complete details. These will be the contents that you want the viewers and readers to pay attention to.
  • Use illustrations on your billboards to make it look more catchy. The attention of your target audience are easier to get when there are actual images that you can show them rather than just texts that you write. This is the same for an education billboard. Parents and students are easily drawn to billboards that have sample pictures of graduates from the university that looks very successful.

Billboard Mockup

billboard mockup



3D Billboard Mockup Design

3d billboard mockup design



Swimming Billboard Template

swimming billboard template



Travel Agency Billboard

travel agency billboard



Corporate Billboard

corporate billboard



Graduation Billboard Template

graduation billboard template







Sports Shop Billboard

sports shop billboard



Gardening Billboard Template

gardening billboard template



Construction Design

construction design



Salon Billboard Template

salon billboard template



Cleaning Service

cleaning service



Billboard Mockup

logistics billboard mockup1



Zoo Advertisement Template

zoo advertisement template



Should Small-Scale Businesses Invest in a Billboard?

It was mentioned above that billboards help in promoting a business or any other event or service that wants to get attention from the public.

Does it also mean that it can give small-scale businesses the attention they need from buyers?

Actually, there is no assurance that a billboard will immediately boost a small enterprise’s sales when a billboard is used for promotion. In fact, it can just be another additional cost for a start-up company. However, there are pretty good chances for one to be more well-known when people get to see their billboard; fitness billboard, sports billboard, and more.

Another upside to that is that a billboard can be easily seen by many. Therefore, more people get to find your advertisements more interesting. It fuels the curiosity of people to what you can do and what product you offer.

Moreover, billboards also give your business an advantage to some of your competitors particularly those with lesser promotions. Stand out as a business and prove to future investors that you actually have something to show off not just in words but in actions as well. Make a service billboard along with a service brochure giveaway to promote your business.

Automobile Service Billboard

automobile service billboard



Law Firm Billboard Design

law firm billboard design



Hospital Billboard Template

hospital billboard template



Dental Billboard

dental billboard



Jewelry Billboard

jewelry billboard







Pet Care Billboard

pet care billboard



Flower Shop

flower shop



Where Do You Place Your Billboards?

Needless to say, brochures are really helpful to anyone promoting their services. Because of that, you need to strategically put it in places where anyone can quickly see it.

Sample areas are listed below to help you conceptualize which designs and layouts are appropriate for these locations.

  • On top of buildings. The most common location of billboards is those that are found on top of buildings. These are not the very high buildings but just those that can easily be spotted. For big companies who have their buildings, they sometimes put in their own roof deck. Promote with your own billboard to accompany your brochure templates.
  • Open area by the road. Another common place is by the road side. This is so bypasses can see it immediately. Some of the sports billboard templates are found in open fields so watchers of games can see promotional ads about the sport or the team that has posted the billboard.
  • In city centers. Big cities have billboards in front of the buildings. Although, some of these are digital billboards already instead of the printout ones. One city, in particular, that is considerably the best example is the city of New York. You see these billboards in Times Square that promote Broadway shows that are common around the area.

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