How can businesses and organizations be easily recognized by the public? You can never always rely on the name especially if the name of the organization is long or if there are other similar-sounding names of organizations. And that’s where a logo design comes in, for identification purposes.

Company logo designs should be unique from others for people to distinguish one company from another. And while there are companies that have slightly similar logo designs, there is still a higher chance that they can still be distinguished since logos are much easier to remember than the name itself.

Small Business Logo Designs

Small Business Logo Design

small business logo design

Vintage Small Business Logo

vintage small business logo

Corporate Small Business Logo

corporate small business logo

Vector Small Business Logo

vector small business logo

What is a Business Logo?

A business logo is a graphic symbol that is used by companies and institutions for the purpose of easy recognition from the general public. The word “logo” is a shortened version of “logotype“, which is a derived from two Greek words “logos” which means word, and “typos” which means imprint.

With many businesses in existence today, the use of logos in promoting and spreading awareness about their products, services, or their company is important. This way, the next time people encounter these products and services, they may be able to associate it with the business right away, depending on how well it was being promoted.

If an advertisement was done well, then customers would go after products and services that contain their business logo. However, if an advertisement was poorly executed, then people would tend to avoid their products and services when they see their logo.

Aside from being an identification tool for businesses, other advantages of using business logos include the following:

  • A logo can leave an initial impression to people about the company and can also provide them with a idea on what the company is about as well as the services that the company is offering.
  • Regardless if your company is already stable, the addition of a logo will make it look even more professional and presentable, which can help build people’s trust.

Automotive Business Logo Designs

Automotive Logo

vector automotive logo

Automotive Service Logo

automotive service logo

Free Automobile Logo Template

free automobile logo template

Automotive Car Logo

automotive car logo

Bakery Business Logo Designs

Bakery Logo Design Template

bakery logo design template

Free Bakery Business Logo

free bakery business logo

Watercolor Bakery Logo

watercolor bakery logo

Bakery Logo Mockup

bakery logo mockup


How to Use Logos for Your Business?

There are many possible ways that a professional business logo can be used by a company. As long as you have defined a logo as an identity to your company, you only need to use it consistently to serve its purpose. Below are some of the most common ways that a business logo can be used:

  • Include your logo in your business card to remind people which company you represent if ever they need to contact you.
  • Put you logo clearly in your promotional tools, such as posters, flyers, and banners, to give people an idea on which company owns those tools even before they see what is being promoted. Another advantage to this is that even at a distance, the tool is already recognizable through the presence of the logo.
  • Include your logo in the letterhead for all your documents. This will make your letters and other documents look professional and make them easily identifiable.
  • Have your logo printed on all your products to make it easier for people to distinguish which ones are your products and which ones are not.
  • Include your logo in your company email’s signature for easy identification, as well as to provide the recipient with information on what company you are working for.
  • Put your logo in your company’e website or social media page.
  • Place your logo outside your office, and make sure that it is large enough for it to be easily recognizable even at a distance.

In the medical field, there are also logos used such as the one used by hospitals, by drug manufacturing companies, and even diagnostic centers. These businesses make use of medical business logos, which serves basically the same purpose as other business logos. For more information, refer to our collection of Downloadable Logo Templates.

Jewelry Business Logo Designs

Brilliant Jewelry Logo

brilliant jewelry lacrima logo

Premade Jewelry Logo

premade jewelry logo

Creative Jewelry Business Logo

creative jewelry business logo

Medical Business Logo Designs

Free Medical Care Logo

free medical care logo

Corporate Medical Care Logo

corporate medical care logo

Medical Logo

medical science logo

Modern Simple Medical Business Logo

modern simple medical business logo

Professional Business Logo Designs

Professional Restaurant Business Logo

professional restaurant business logo

Professional Photography Business Logo

professional photography business logo

Professional Cleaning Business Logo

professional cleaning business logo

Professional Business Services Logo

professional business services logo


What are the Types of Business Logos?

Logos are categorized according to the elements included in the design. There are logos that contain an image only, there are also logos that are purely text, and there are also those that are a combination of both. Below are the five common types of logos to help you decide on how you want your logo to look like.

  • Lettermark logos. From the name itself, these logos contain a letter or a few letters which may or may not be the initials of the company. This type of logo focuses on being a simple, yet effective logo design.
  • Wordmark logos. Unlike the lettermark that only contains letters, wordmark logos contain the entire name of the company written in a creative way. But similar to lettermark logos, these also focus on simplicity.
  • Brandmark Logos. This type of logo contains only the graphic symbol that represents that company. No text is present on these logos. Usually, these logos are an abstract representation of either the name of company, or the services offered by the company.
  • Combination logos. In literal terms, this type of logo is a combination of the first three types mentioned. These logos contain both the symbol and the name of the company.
  • Emblem Logos. This is somehow similar to the combination logo, since it also contains both a symbol and a text. The only difference is that the text in emblem logos are found within the symbol while with combination logos, the text is separate from the symbol.

You may want to check out more samples of Logo Designs that we have on our website.


Photography Business Logo Designs

Photography Studio Logo

professional photography logo

Photography Business Logo Free Vector

photography business logo free vector

Vintage Photography Logo

vintage photography logo

Real Estate Business Logo Designs

Real Estate Logo

beautiful real estate logo

Real Estate Corporate Branding Logo

corporate branding real estate logo

Real Estate Company Vector Logo

vector real estate company logo

Business Plan Logo Designs

Business Continuity Plan Logo

business continuity plan logo

Business Startup Plan Logo

business startup plan logo

Business Strategy Logo

business action plan logo

Business Growth Logo Designs

Professional Business Growth Logo

professional business growth logo

Printable Business Growth Logo

printable business growth logo

Corporate Business Growth Logo

corporate business growth logo


It’s Time to Make Your Own Logo!

It’s time to make your own logo. You may check out our collection of Logo Editing Software and Logo Design Software to help you out in making your logo design. Here are some guidelines that you may find useful:

  • Sketch the design of your logo first using pencil and paper for easier modifications.
  • Without copying the logo design of other companies, get ideas from them and how they did their logo that made it iconic.
  • Make the design of your logo flexible enough that it will still look good with or without color, and regardless of where you will print it on.
  • Use vector format when editing to preserve the quality, while also having the ability to add and remove elements on the image without destroying the entirety of the design.
  • Keep your logo design simple and uncluttered for it to be memorable and recognizable.

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