Flyers are used by anyone from various industries to promote themselves to their target audience. Unlike other marketing strategies, this method is one of the least expensive. This is mostly because the flyers can be printed in bulk or photocopied so it can be distributed to anyone. Reach out a bigger audience with less the effort.

It relays information through text and graphics that can be posted on walls, bulletin boards, and some other places. Furthermore, there are different terms to call a flyer. It can also be labeled as a poster, a brochure, or a pamphlet. Find downloadable flyers now to get started with your production.

Party Flyers in PSD

Beach Party Flyers in PSD

beach party flyers psd



Pool Party Flyer in PSD


pool party flyer in psd



Birthday Party Flyer in PSD

birthday party flyers psd



Spring Party Flyer in PSD

spring party flyers psd



Church Flyers in PSD

He is Risen Church Flyer

risen church flyer



Candle Light Service Flyer

candle light service flyer



Church Concert Flyer Photoshop

church concert flyer photoshop



Universal Liberation Church Flyer

universal liberation church flyer



This Is What Flyers Are For

The contents of flyers depend on the reason it was made. Its purpose varies on the information you want the reader to know. Familiarize yourself with the different uses of a flyer to know how you can create a bespoke flyer that will surely catch a reader’s attention. Take a look at these details to understand the purpose of a flyer.

  • Promote a product  Before you go advertising on magazines and billboards, consider starting with small methods that are will cost you less. This is especially true for startup businesses. The best thing about using flyers is that you can add in your products and a short description about it where readers can easily compare. It can be distributed to anyone and they can carry it around with them. You can easily spread the word about your product without spending too much from your budget. When you have promotions in your business, you can have the mechanics of the promo and the dates costumers can enjoy written on the flyer.
  • Advertise an event  Without the guests, an entire would be considered a flop rather than a success. With that, you need to tell people more about what’s to come and what they can expect to happen. The designs that should be used must be creative and eye-catching to attract the readers. It has to hype up the audience to give them the initial vibe even before the event starts. In some way, flyers can be considered as the written trailer to the event.
  • Recruit new employees  When you need new people to work for you, posting on sites and newspapers is not enough. You need to seek other ways to reach out to potential applicants. You can distribute flyers to schools and public places for what you need and what packages can they enjoy once they start working for you. Flyers can also be pinned on bulletin boards so anyone can see it as they pass by. Although not applied all the time, you can personalize the flyers for recruitment. Add the job qualifications, your expectations, and other contact details to give the applicant the initial briefing they would need. This is a very transparent and straightforward way of attracting them to your company.
  • Persuade new members to enlist  When you have an organization and you wish to have more members to join your club, you need to show to them the good things they can get. Your flyers should state membership benefits, your values, principles, mission, and vision, even the goals of the organization. Similarly, for political flyers, you need to list down the platforms you are planning to pursue once you are placed in the position. It instills the information to the mind of the readers, giving you the chance to be a household name.

Business Flyers in PSD

Marketing Business Flyer Template in PSD

marketing business flyer psd template



Corporate Business Flyer Template in PSD

corporate business flyer psd template



SPA Beauty Salon Business Flyer

spa products beauty salon business flyer



Christmas Flyers in PSD

Christmas Eve Party Celebration Flyer Template

christmas eve party celebration flyer template



Christmas Flyer Template Download in PSD

christmas flyer template premium psd download



Awesome Club Christmas Party Flyer Template

awesome club christmas party flyer template



Christmas Party Flyer Template in PSD

christmas party flyer template download psd



Corporate Flyers in PSD

Modern Corporate Business Flyer

modern corporate flyer



Printable Corporate Flyer

printable corporate flyer



Multipurpose Corporate Flyer

multipurpose corporate flyer1



Flat Design Corporate Flyer

flat design corporate flyer



Event Flyers in PSD

Food Event Flyer Design

food event flyer design



Marketing Event Flyer Design

marketing event flyer design



Futuristic Event Flyer

futuristic event flyer



Electro Music Event Flyer Template

electro music event flyer template



Make Flyers Standout with These Tips

  • Summarize your thoughts Do not be too wordy, instead, check the quality of the content you are posting. Focus on the critical things and keep it brief so readers can easily catch on. Use lists, bullet points, and subheadings for clarity.
  • Highlight the benefits – Readers have the tendency to jump on what they think they could benefit from. Usually, they skip the long blocks of texts and go head on to the highlighted points. Use subheadings or bullet points so readers can see the standout idea. Explain what your point is and make sure to add what the readers can benefit from that.
  • Keep the flow smooth – Keep the flow of your sentences in proper order. Write one thought after the other in a way readers can understand the flow. Add the important points on top and the least important below. This helps the readers process the thought easily as they go by your flyer’s content.
  • Let the images speak for you  Graphics always catch the eye of the audience. It’s the first thing they see even before they attempt to read your content. Use compelling images for your designs. However, you have to balance the amount of graphics with the quality of the text written. Make sure that the words are still legible enough to read. Do not compromise the content for the graphics.
  • Plot the layout of the content – Given the importance of legibility, you should block the position of your content even before you start writing. This gives you an idea of how much work has to be done in that certain area of your flyer. This is especially true for flyers with more graphics than text. Arrange all the content in a mock draft and try to see it in a reader’s perspective.
  • Be wise when it comes to designs  Match our flyer designs with the content you are pitching. You can find flyer templates online that you can check as a guide or you can download a flyer template in PSD so you can customize every detail. Play around with the colors and experiment with the designs that will fit well with your products. The best thing about flyers is that they don’t have to be too formal.


Gratis Flyer in PSD

Futura Party Invasion Flyer

futura party invasion



Restaurant Flyers in PSD

Pizza Restaurant Flyer

pizza restaurant flyer1



Restaurant Food Flyer

restaurant food flyer



Food Menu Restaurant Flyer

food menu restaurant flyer1



Real Estate Flyers in PSD

Real Estate Flyer Bundle

real estate flyer bundle



Innovative Real Estate Flyer Template

innovative real estate flyer template



Simple Real Estate Flyer Template

simple real estate flyer template



 Corporate Flyer for Real Estate

corporate flyer for real estate



Beautiful Real Estate Flyer Template

beautiful real estate flyer template



Sport Flyers in PSD

Boxing Night Flyer Design

boxing night flyer design



Sports Car Racing Flyer Template

car racing sports flyer template



Baseball Sports Flyer Template

baseball sports flyer template1



Big Game Flyer Template

big game flyer template



College Football Sport Flyer

college football sport flyer



Flyer Styles That Catch Attention

There are different styles that can be applied when designing a flyer, but, not all designs are appropriate for general use. You need to much your style with the type of content you want to put in. For one, you can’t go all pumpkins and bats when you are trying to promote a Christmas concert. Given that, here are a few ideas that you can use for your flyer.

  • Modern and Techie – This design usually plays with shapes and colors, targeting a younger demographic who are more into the upbeat vibe. Modern styles also play with the position of the content. It does not really follow the straight alignment but rather goes for new positions such as circular, box type, or diagonal. You can also see some texts in techie designs to be in neon or are layered with a glowing effect.
  • Neutral and Nice – From its name, this design is more of the neutral colors, if not monochrome. Commonly, you would find mocha, coffee, black, white, and gray being used. The overall layout is not too exaggerated. The neutral style is common to formal flyers since it has fewer colors that appear too bold for the contents.
  • Retro and Grunge  This uses the old-school technique with some modern art twist. It uses bold texts and mid-tone colors. The grunge adds the roughness to the design which delivers a message that the flyer is not as formal as expected. This is good to use if you are targeting people on their early to mid-20’s. Apart from that, this is also good for non-formal events such as festivals and concerts.
  • Simple and Minimal – The best thing about simple designs is that it is not sore to look at. It has fewer contents, colors, and accessories. It showcases the contents with just a little design to make it look pleasing. This contains lots of spaces and sticks to a maximum of two colors used. Similarly, minimal designs only use thin lines and smaller graphics. Considerably, this is the most low key out of all the listed designs. However, this design is tricky. There is a thin line between a simple design and a dull one.

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