Celebrations, parties, and all sorts of social events are very jubilant occasions celebrated by a small group or a crowd. It has tons of food and beverages with music blasting through speakers. However, with that fun also comes the tedious preparation. When pressed for time, you can send banners instead of cards. An example of is a wedding banner.

If you opt for invitation banners, you can save the time you spend on crafting the invitation cards. Aside from that, you also get to save extra money. You can search for specific banners, like a birthday banner, to find examples solely for the event.

Wedding Invitation Banners

Vector Wedding Invitation Banner

vector wedding invitation banner

Wedding Invitation with Banner

wedding invitation wording banner

Free Wedding Celebration Banner

free wedding celebration banner1

Party Invitation Banners

Kids Party Invitation Banner

kids party invitation banner

Halloween Party Invitation Banner

halloween party invitation banner


Invitation Banners and Save-the-Dates

Are planning a wedding or an event in general? It must have crossed your mind whether you should be sending save-the-date-cards and invitation banners is that the a party invitation banner already has complete details such as the date, time, and venue of the event. In one look, those that are invited will immediately know the basic details of the party and the banners are set-up ahead of time; at least six to eight weeks.

Meanwhile,save-the-date-cards mostly have the date alone. It is sent with just the purpose of informing the person that you have chosen a date for a specific occasion and you want them there. In layman’s term, this is a heads-up for an event on the date you chose. Usually, save-the-date-cards are not used in big congregations. Churches, for one, use a church invitation banner or an event flyer, informing everyone at once. Also, save-the-date-cards are sent months ahead.

Birthday Invitation Banners

Printable Birthday Invitation Banner

printable birthday invitaion banner

First Birthday Invitation with Banner Art

first birthday invitation banner

Engagement Invitation Banners

Engagement Party Banner Invitation

engagement party invitation banner

Floral Banner Engagement Invitation

engagement invitation floral banner1

Engagement Invitation with Banner Elements

autumn engagement invitation banner1


Put It Up!

The things you put in a banner complete it as an informative material, regardless of the design. To make sure that you have everything need, here’s a guide to walk you through the details that should be found in an invitation banner.

What is the event?
A simple headline will immediately inform the guests of what the event is. For a baby shower invitation banner, a statement that says “Baby Shower” in a large text will instantly make guests know that you are inviting them to that said event. If the occasion involves numbers, such as a 25th wedding anniversary or a 20th founding anniversary, make sure you include it on the banner.

When are you celebrating?
Remember to include the date of when you will celebrate the occasion. If it’s a couple announcing their engagement, specify the day of the party and the time it starts on the engagement invitation banner. It would also help that you include state this detail in a friendly tone. You can write something like “party starts at 6:00 PM” or you can specify a timeline, like “05:30 PM to 9:30 PM.” In celebrations that have ceremonies, the time for both ceremony and reception are specifically stated.

Where should they go?
The venue is another important detail you should not miss out on your invitation banner. Write the complete address of the building, house, resort, or general location of the event. A small inserted map is ideal so guests can have something they can refer to when looking for the location. You can also mention landmarks and popular neighboring places to make it easy for guests find where the event location is.

These are just the basic things that should be found on your invitation banner. You can tell that they are quite similar to what you see in party invitations. You can add any detail you want to make a comprehensive invitation banner that will attract guests to join you in celebration.

Church Invitation Banner

Church Invitation Banner in PSD

church invitation psd banner

Baby Shower Invitation Banners

Burlap Baby Shower Banner Invitation

burlap baby shower invitation banner1

Baby Shower Duck Invitation

baby shower duck invitation banner1

Handmade Baby Shower Banner Invitation

handmade baby shower invitation banner1


It’s Time To Party!

When making your invitation banners, remember the following:


  • Be brief with the contents of the roll up banner for easier readability. You can organize your contents ahead of time to get the gist of what you want to write.
  • Use call to action in your invitation banners to encourage people to join you . A phrase or handful of words that will engage people to your event is ideal.
  • Choose colors that are easy on the eyes but will keep your invitations vibrant and the texts legible.
  • Adjust the content’s size and arrangement to make it appropriate for the size of the banner. Scale your banner to see if it is a good fit.


  • Avoid  too much design. Make sure that you only use a reasonable amount of decorations, texts, and other elements on the banner.
  • Do not proceed with your invitations without reviewing the contents. Check for spelling errors and grammar mistakes that could make your invitation displeasing.
  • Do not plagiarize another event banner design you see. You can get ideas from popular banners but avoid using and claiming it for your own.
  • Avoid rushing your invitation banners. Take enough time to work on it, review, and print it out.

Grand Opening Invitation Banners

Grand Opening Horizontal Invitation Banner

grand opening horizontal banner invitation

Grand Opening  Restaurant Invitation Banner

grand opening restaurant invitation banner1

Grand Opening Ribbon Cut Banner

grand opening ribbon cut banner


Make the Best Invitation Banners

There can be different means and ways on how you can start making your invitation banners. You can look for templates online — from anniversary banner template to graduation banner template. There are plenty of options to check out and download for your customization. Then, you can start looking for ways on how to improve the invitation banners. Here are a few tips:

  • Highlight your words to make every word “pop”. Make sure that your words are not only clear but are eye-catching, too.
  • Use quality graphics, such as vector designs and icons, that can be downloaded online.
  • Borders are optional. You may or may not include it on your overall design. In fact, some designs are better off with no design at all.
  • Balance the positions of the designs and texts. Make sure that the use of white space is appropriate to your design and will not overwhelm your texts.

Overall, invitation banners are just like invitation cards. Hype your guests with what is to come using a display material that will convey your intent in a dashing visual. Choose your design wisely and ask for expert help when it gets too hard for you.

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