Every business needs a logo just like how every person needs their own name. the Logo Design serves as an identifier that makes a company unique from others, especially with the competition in the industry. The concept of a logo might be hard to start with at first but through time, you will be able to find templates and samples to follow.

The samples of company logo design you will see have different shapes and sizes to fit your preferences. They can be templates or in PSD format, which are both editable. Aside from that, your logos will also brand the products you make. Hence, it has to be unique and visually creative.

Small Business Logo Templates

Small Marketing Business Logo

small marketing business logo

Small Bakery Business Logo

small bakery business logo

Small Clothing Business Logo

small clothing business logo

Small Sports Business Logo

small sports business logo

Farming Business Logo Templates

Rural Farm Logo Design

rural farm logo design

Farming Logo

printable farming logo

Agriculture Farming Logo

agriculture farming logo

Business App Logo Templates

Business Development App Logo

business development app logo

Vector Business App Logo

vector business app logo


Conceptualizing Business Logos

Making your own business logo is a trivial decision that needs both your opinion and the opinion of someone who is familiar with this. Though you can find a PSD logo design that you can edit, it is still different when you actually know and understand what you are doing. When planning to make a logo, you should first start with your purpose. Sure it is to identify yourself from other businesses but, what else is your reason for doing so? This will help you identify which aspect of your business you want to show off to people.

Apart from that, plan the design of your logo thoroughly. Don’t just use a logo design just because it is trendy or some other businesses that are known to people use that style. Remember that you want to present yourself to others as an independent business and not just a knock-off version of the company that you got the logo from. For instance, a real estate logo can always have a house on it. But, having a house on it that is closely similar to your competitor is not ideal for your company.

Cleaning Business Logo Templates

Dry Cleaning Business Logo

dry cleaning business logo

Commercial Cleaning Business Logo

commercial cleaning business logo

Vector Cleaning Business Logo

vector cleaning business logo

Home Cleaning Business Logo

home cleaning business logo

Real Estate Business Logo Templates

Professional Real Estate Logo

professional real estate logo

Real Estate Construction Logo

real estate construction logo

Abstract Real Estate Business Logo

abstract real estate business logo

Real Estate Logo with Company Slogan

real estate logo with company slogan


How Should You Design Your Company Logo?

Now that you have a concept in mind, the next block to conquer is how you would put that concept into an actual design. Let us break down the parts of a logo and how you should design it, plus some other things that need to be understood. This will help you build your own logo like how you pictured it in your mind.

  • Emblem. These are the stars, gears, laurel leaves, and other symbols you put on your logo design. Different industries have a default symbol or a common object that is used. As an example, IT companies use computers on their logo while photography businesses have cameras or lens of cameras as their photography logo. The symbols you put in will make known to customers or clients what kind of services you do.
  • Words. As a reinforcement to your illustrations, words may also be used when making a professional logo template. It can be of any language or character. These words adhere to your missions and goals or perhaps are actually your motto. This is common to schools especially universities that have been established years and years back. On the other hand, some logos use words alone for their logo.
  • Color. Even the colors in a logo have a meaning. They can be the company’s color or the meaning of the colors are the values that the company upholds. Search for the meaning of the colors to get an in-depth understanding of what they mean and how it can affect your business. Some logo templates already have colors which you can keep or change.
  • Shape. Lastly, the shape of your logos also matters when designing. Though it does not apply to all the logo you see, for most, however, this also means something.

Professional Business Logo Templates

Professional Photography Business Logo

professional photography business logo1

Professional Business Logo Template

professional business logo template

Unique Professional Business Logo

unique professional business logo

Photography Business Logo Templates

Wedding Photography Logo

wedding photography logo

Free Photography Business Logo

free photography business logo

Fashion Photography Business Logo

fashion photography business logo

Restaurant Business Logo Templates

Food & Restaurant Business Logo

food restaurant business logo

Vintage Restaurant Logos

vintage restaurant logos

Modern Restaurant Business Logo

modern restaurant business logo


Illustration Logos versus Word Logos: Which is Best?

It has been mentioned that some logos are made of drawings while others are made of texts. You might be wondering which design is more appropriate. There is no definite answer to that. Both business logo designs have their advantages and disadvantages.

Here’s why.

If a business uses a word or a letter as a logo, it will be easier to identify them. Clients get to see your name in your typography logo and what you do in an instant. You can then be easily remembered the next time they look for the type of service that you do.

Meanwhile, illustrations speak for the things that you cannot explain. When customers see a rolling pin, they automatically associate it with bread and pastry then assume that you are a bakery or a pastry shop. Given that reasoning, it will then be easier for them to recall you because they instantly remember what you do.  The same goes with a finance logo that uses money as the symbol. Another upside is that the logos with illustrations can attract more investors because it makes you appear more legit than just branding yourself with a name as a logo.

Compare the points mentioned above while deciding whether you want a logo that is of your name or a logo with symbols.

Business Card Logo Templates

Business Visiting Card Logo

business visiting card logo

Business Card Logo in PSD

business card logo psd

Marketing Business Card with Logo

marketing business card with logo

Business Firm Logo Template

business firm logo template

Business Plan Logo Templates

Business Agency Plan Logo

business agency plan logo

Wedding Business Planner Logo

wedding business plannner logo


Guidelines in Making Logos

When making a corporate logo, you have to make sure that you avoid common mistakes that you might have committed as you gradually build every component. To help you sort that out, read these brief guidelines and tips to remember when making logos:

  • Make sure that the symbols are asymmetrical and proportionate with each other. Logo designs that use non-asymmetrical designs don’t look professional enough.
  • Avoid using distorted images for your logos. It is even ideal that you pick symbols that are in vector format since they have better quality than those that are raster.
  • Check if your words are legible. There are instances when you are still making the design and it looks clear on your editor but then it turns out to be eligible later on.
  • Ideally, you set your designs to CMYK ahead rather than setting it in RGB then changing it by the time you print. This may result in little or big damages on your design.

Take note of these guidelines as you review your logo for any flaws

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