Menus contain information on what food is to be served during an event such as a wedding. It can be placed in every plate of the guest, at the center of the table, or can be at the start of the buffet. These menus play an important role during the ceremony can be a giveaway by the end of the celebration. To start with a DIY menu, you can look for a wedding menu template to find specific designs which are meant for weddings. Otherwise, you can look for general designs or start your own from scratch. There are various styles to choose from and the following are some of the many menu designs that you never know you needed.

Printable Menu Template

Floral Menu Template

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Colors and flowers go together in this floral wedding menu. Instead of the typical shape, the flowers are in irregular drawings with various leaf designs. They surround the texts that are neatly spaced between each other. To separate the name of the couple and the phrase “save the date,” a wreathe that is in a Tiffany blue shade is placed in between.

Minimal Menu Template

menu a cm 01 custom

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A saying goes “simplicity is beauty” and this is what this menu actually practices. It doesn’t extra colors nor elements but rather keeps it minimal with thin uppercase texts. Only the word “menu” is in script and has the biggest font size to put emphasis on what the card actually is. This is great for formal weddings and even general event menus.

Old Fashioned Menu Template

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Elegant weddings need menus that will keep up with the luxurious vibe. This old-fashioned menu is perfect for a classic or vintage look that goes will with elegant occasions. It has lavender flowers at both ends of the center frame at the front page. While the main page where the list of dishes are, the lavender flowers are at the four corners of the page.

Downloadable Menu Design

Chalkboard Menu Design


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Go rustic with this chalkboard design. It keeps all the words at the center of the menu and are enclosed in thin white borders. On the upper left and lower right are branches of leaves which were both skillfully colored in different shades. This menu design can also be used for party menus among other occasions with rustic feels.

Elegant Menu Design

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Blue ornament is what dominates this elegant menu. It uses a dark bases which is overlayed with the ornaments. To highlight the name of the dishes, a translucent shape is added above the ornaments. At first glance, you will immediately notice the mix of script style and serif style fonts. Furthermore, between every type of food is a neat border that puts a division for clarity in reading.

Watercolor Menu Design

printable aqua watercolour wedding menu template 1

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This watercolor menu actually keeps the watercolor style on the top center alone. The rest of the menu only has texts over the white background. To highlight the type of food to be served whether it is the main dish, the dessert, or the beverage, the label is made to be in script font style. This wedding menu is a perfect combination of watercolor and minimal style.


There are plenty of ideas that you can do in your invitations. You just have to think outside the box to generate creative thoughts that you can apply. You can also do your own search for ready-made menus to speed up your work. Remember to follow the specific guideline for wedding menus which you can learn by reading more informative articles. Make the best menu designs to send to guests and have the perfect wedding that everyone will remember for a long time. Remember that a good menu starts the whole course of your wedding reception.q

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