When you go to a concert, a dance recital, or any event, you would need to present a ticket before you can proceed to the venue proper. The event organizers would need to ask every guest to show them their ticket to determine if have paid for that said event.

Tickets are quite similar to that of an invitation list, wherein only those who are on the list are allowed to attend, but these events involve only a manageable number of people. With big events, such as the ones mentioned earlier, and invitation list is insufficient and would require the use of tickets instead.

Event Ticket Templates

Dance Event Ticket

dance event ticket template

Concert Event Ticket

concert event ticket template

Movie Ticket Templates

Vintage Movie Ticket Template

vintage movie ticket template

Movie Ticket Invitation Template

movie ticket invitation template

Free Movie Ticket Template

free movie ticket template


What Are Ticket Templates?

A ticket is defined as a small slip of paper used as an evidence permitting the holder to attend an event. It signifies that the holder has already paid or is being paid by another person to be able to enjoy the benefits of whatever purpose the ticket serves. The ticket may either be for an admission to a movie, a concert, or a recital, or it could also mean a fare that entitles the holder to ride the public transportation system, such as a bus, train, boat, or even an airplane.

With ticket templates, these are used by people who are responsible in designing tickets. So if you are hosting an event that requires the use of tickets, then you have come to the right place. We have tickets for various purposes here on our website, and all you need to do is make some modifications. Our ticket templates allow you to produce your own tickets in the most convenient way possible. Gone are the days when your only choice in producing tickets is by hiring businesses that create them. Now, you can do it conveniently and easily at home, and you can even personalize it as much as you want.

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Concert Ticket Templates

Sample Concert Ticket

sample concert ticket template

Music Concert Ticket

music concert ticket template

Blank Concert Ticket

blank concert ticket template

Blank Ticket Templates

Blank Event Ticket Template

blank event ticket template

Printable Blank Ticket

blank raffle ticket template

Blank Raffle Ticket

blank raffle ticket template1

Blank Airline Ticket

blank airline ticket template

BBQ Ticket Templates

BBQ Raffle Ticket

bbq raffle ticket template

Western BBQ Charity Ticket

western bbq charity ticket template

Vintage BBQ Ticket

vintage bbq ticket template

Dinner Ticket Templates

Free Dinner Event Ticket

free dinner event ticket template

Dinner Party Ticket Template

dinner party ticket template

Dinner Fundraiser Ticket Template

dinner fundraiser ticket template


Your Ticket to a Successful Event

The process of designing and producing tickets are much less complicated nowadays than it was years ago, and this has something to do with constantly upgrading technology. You can download a Ticketing Software easily from the internet and use it to make your tickets, or you can also use online ticket generators available almost everywhere on the internet to do the job for you.

Or, why go someplace else when you are already on our website? We have here various ticket templates that are already half-finished, and all you need to do is to write the additional details and make the final touches. Here are the steps on how to make use of our ticket templates to be able to produce (and reproduce) your own tickets:

  • The first thing you need to do is to determine what the ticket is for, or where you want to use it. Is your ticket for some sort of transportation? Or is your ticket an admission pass for some event?
  • Once you have determined the purpose of your tickets, search for the ticket template which is appropriate for that purpose here on our website.
  • Download your chosen template to your computer (you may be able to do this by clicking on the Download button near the image of the template).
  • Depending on the format of your chosen template, personalize your ticket using the most compatible software for it. (e.g. If you downloaded in PSD, you may use Adobe Photoshop to edit your ticket template).
  • Have your tickets printed. You might not be able to print tickets using a regular printer, and may need to have it done by a professional printing press, unless you insist on doing so and simply cut them out from the paper.

Once you have successfully designed and printed your tickets, you can now proceed on distributing them by giving them out for free or by selling them.

Graduation Ticket Templates

Graduation Party Ticket

graduation party ticket template

Graduation Ticket Invitation Template

graduation ticket invitation template

High School Graduation Ticket

high school graduation ticket template

Party Ticket Templates

Halloween Party Ticket

halloween party ticket template

Tea Party Ticket

tea party ticket template

Bachelor Party Ticket

bachelor party ticket template

Tropical Picnic Party Ticket

picnic party ticket template

Sports Ticket Templates

Free Sports Ticket

free sport ticket template3

Sports Event Ticket

charitable sports event ticket


Totally About Ticket Types

When we talk about tickets, it involves a lot of different aspects serving various purposes. So here are the most common types of tickets being used by people:

  • Admission tickets. These are the types of tickets that allow the holder to gain admission to a stage play, a movie, a concert, a dance recital, or a sports event.
  • Fare tickets. The type of ticket that gives the holder the privilege to ride a public transportation system. Examples of these include airline tickets, bus tickets, etc. And these can also be sub-categorized according to the accommodation, such as economy, deluxe, or first class.
  • Game tickets. These tickets allow the holder to play certain kinds of games. Examples of these include bingo tickets, lottery tickets, and raffle tickets.

Importance on the Use of Tickets

Tickets allow the people-in-charge to keep track of the number of people that are coming in while retaining control. By limiting the number of tickets sold, you can also regulate the number of people, which ensures that every ticket holder will have equal privileges with the other ticket holders.

Aside from controlling the number of attendees, tickets can also be used to make profit. Since only those with tickets are permitted, then the organizers can sell it to the public and make money out of it.

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Vintage Ticket Templates

Vintage Movie Ticket

vintage cinema ticket template

Multipurpose Vintage Ticket

multipurpose vintage ticket template

Vintage Circus Tickets

vintage circus ticket template

Wedding Ticket Templates

Wedding Invitation Ticket

wedding invitation ticket template

Boarding Pass Wedding Invitation Ticket

boarding pass wedding ticket

Entrance Ticket Templates

Museum Entrance Ticket

museum entrance ticket template

Vintage Entrance Ticket

vintage entrance ticket template

Circus Entrance Ticket

circus entrance ticket template


What Are the Do’s and Don’ts Regarding Tickets?

  • Prices of tickets sold on the internet may vary across different ticketing websites, even if the ticket serves the same purpose. DO check and compare the prices on the different websites and go for the one with the best deal.
  • When booking for airline tickets, DO book early to get cheaper seats. The earlier you book, the cheaper it gets.
  • When making a ticket, DO print the information clearly and legibly for the convenience of the holder.
  • DO make your ticket design creative and appealing.
  • When promoting an event or your ticket, DO use social media sites for easier and faster advertising.
  • Some event tickets contain QR codes on them, and if this is the case, DO NOT take a picture of your ticket. But if you insist on doing so, make sure to cover the QR code.
  • When making your own ticket, DO NOT use a design that can easily be duplicated. Make sure that your tickets contain a serial number for protection from counterfeiting.
  • When organizing an event, DO NOT produce more tickets than what the venue of the event allows. You don’t want the venue to become overcrowded wherein there won’t be enough seats to accommodate all guests.

To further help you out on how to plan events, also check out our collection of Event Planning Software.

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